atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7365: Stupid shoulder

My snoring woke up my wife, who yelled at me to roll over, which triggered a coughing fit, which sent me to get a cough drop, which reminded me to check to see if I needed to pay any insurance bills, which led me here, because why not write a blog post at 4:30 AM?

My right shoulder is aching, and I know why. Monday night I pulled approximately 43,000 staples out of the staircase after tearing up the carpet on it. Each one required a certain amount of tractive effort, followed then by an "equal but opposite reaction" when the staple popped loose and I had to stop my arm's motion. 278,000 repetitions of this sequence later, the bursa is inflameed. I've had problems with bursitis since I was in grade school and we did this stupid thing in gym class where we allowed ourselves to fall forward but caught ourselves before slamming face-first into the mat.


Bonus points for realizing I was getting a blister on my middle finger and asking Mrs. Fungus for a bandage; I covered the thing after the epidermis got loose but before it tore or developed much serous seepage. It's glued itself back together now and I think it'll form a nice callus. "At last, with age comes wisdom."

The stairs having no carpet on them really doesn't bother me, at least not as much as I'd feared it would. Part of me wants just to do some cleanup work on them, then stain and varnish; I think they'd look pretty good.

I am seriously grateful that the stink is gone. I was very fearful that we'd have a permanent reek in the house from this little contretemps, but I do believe we've avoided that.

Tuesday night I finished the task by taking the freezer down to the curb and just dumping the evil sludge on the grass. There were a couple remaining containers of what had once been turkey stock that I had to bag up, but once that was done I removed the lid from the thing and just left it by the curb. To my surprise, smelly as it was, someone took it on Wednesday.


* * *

Wednesday's weather was very warm, and Thursday's looks to be the same. Very probably, this weekend will be the last one of the year with pleasantly warm weather, so I've got to attend to the outdoor chores which have been nagging at me. Last cut of the grass, for one thing, for the year. A few car maintenance tasks.

* * *

Well: my cough has subsided. My shoulder still hurts but I managed to sleep through that, so I think I'll try repairing to bed and getting a little more sleep before the day begins.

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