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The only thing that the Democrats care about is manufacturing enough votes to get Biden in. They don't care if it looks fishy.

Let's face it: this is not the first time the Democrat party has cheated in an election. They're the party which unilaterally opposes voter ID laws precisely because theirs is the party that benefits from vote fraud. But there is another reason they don't give a wet fart about how suspicious it all looks.

They have never paid a price for cheating.

There is literally no downside to cheating for the Democrats. If they cheat and lose, no one goes to jail, no one gets so much as a slap on the wrist, no one even investigates it. If they cheat and win....

And so, in every Presidential election for a damned long time, the Republican party has had to get votes "beyond the margin of cheat". But the Democrats "vote by mail" scheme made it ridiculously easy to stuff the ballot boxes...which is why Pennsylvania went from Trump being up by 700,000 votes to being up by a mere 90,000 votes in the span of two days.

The trends are always monotonic. The Democrat cheating always adds votes only for their guy; they don't even try to camouflage the box of 23,000 Biden votes by including a statistically reasonable number of Trump votes.

Why bother? No one goes to jail! No one suffers ANY CONSEQUENCES WHATSOEVER for their cheating. The Democrat party is stealing this election, the same way they stole the 1960 election, the same way Al Franken stole his election, the same way Al Gore tried to steal the 2000 election: stalling for time while their precincts manufacture enough votes to win. Because even if they fail, no one goes to jail or even has to listen to a judge tell them why they're very, very naughty and they should never do that again, now go back to your four mansions and private jets, you scamp!

Limbaugh was discussing this today, and there was something I wanted him to say that he did not, which is an extremely important point: invalid votes are never canceled.

Even if every case goes Trump's way, even if the lawsuits are successful in preventing the wholesale fraud that has been committed, none of these elections will be reversed because the fraudulent ballots won't be excluded from the count.


And so the Democrats are doing everything right out in the open; hell, they told us they were going to do this. Remember? "Now, on election night it might look like Biden lost, but just hang on while all the votes are counted!" Because they planned all this. They planned to manufacture votes and to stuff the ballot boxes. And they told us what they would do not because of a slip of the tongue, but because they know there's not one mother fucking god damned thing the American public can do about it.

"This...suggests that their motive is not simply to install their preferred candidate in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It suggests that the motivation is deeper, and darker." Nope. They just want Trump out and Biden in.

The cheating is manifest because the Democrats love being able to hang their diseased, warty dicks in our faces and say, "Suck it, bitch!" The Democrats do not care how we vote; they'll manufacture votes to make sure the will of the voting public is crushed beneath a mountain of fraud. (Given their druthers, they'd eliminate voting entirely.) "Integrity" is a trait they desire only in their enemies, in order to hogtie them with it. They want to win the election and they will do anything they need to, and know that they will never, never, ever face any negative consequences for cheating, and in fact won't pay any price whatsoever for breaking the law.

I hear people talking about how things will be in four years but they're missing the point, which is that THE DEMOCRATS WILL CHEAT AGAIN IN 2022 in order to seize control of Congress. Why wouldn't they? What will stop them?

* * *

Michigan postal workers ordered to ILLEGALLY backdate postmarks on mail-in ballots so they will be counted. It's illegal to do that. It's illegal for the post office to take a letter today and postmark it yesterday, or the day before. It's illegal to do that because a great many businesses rely on that postmark as a literal timestamp for when someone paid a bill. It's illegal to do that because there are legal processes which look for that timestamp: "Your honor, I mailed that child support payment on the 14th, as you can see from this receipt, and I therefore am still in compliance." For example.

Whoever ordered that measure to be taken needs to be fired from the postal service.

* * *

Look, do you think I wouldn't love to be wrong about all this? Bear in mind that cheating in a presidential election is a federal crime. Who investigates and recommends prosecution for federal crimes?

The FBI--the same FBI that had Hillary Clinton dead to rights and just decided not to pursue the case any further. Yeah.

* * *

This is not possible absent wholesale cheating.

This one includes Michigan.

The logo of the 2020 election.

* * *

Pritzker wanted the (un)Fair Tax so badly he spent $58 million of his own money on pushing it.

The simple fact is that there is no tax increase which can fix the problem Pritzker claimed he wanted the tax to fix. The fact was that most of the "three billion in new revenue" that the tax was supposed to generate was earmarked for new spending rather than retiring ANY of the existing debt.

...not that it really matters. Illinois is in the red to the tune of almost $168 billion dollars. That extra $3 billion Pritzker claimed the (un)Fair Tax scheme would generate would retire that debt in...fifty-six years, assuming the $3 billion was constant and never got appropriated for anything else.

Which, of course, it would.

* * *

So let's move on to what inevitably happens when the left gains power.

So antifa has turned on Biden because they don't know the history of the group they're modeled after, Hitler's Sturmabteilung AKA "the Brown Shirts".

Once antifa turns on the Democrat leadership, their utility to the party drops to zero and they can be safely liquidated. The leaders of antifa will all be shot or go to jail.

That begs the question, when does the rioting stop? Assume Biden wins--doesn't antifa stop rioting after that? Or do we get "the night of long knives" again? Only in this case, it's the police, finally unfettered and allowed to thump heads and arrest people who will stay in jail and probably do hard time for rioting, looting, arson, mob action, etcetera.

I think this comment is a good one:
...the sad thing, and a funny thing at the same time, is that those on the Left don't realize it. Or they're oblivious to what it means. They're oblivious to the fact that it will hit them equally hard, or perhaps, more severely. It's time for them to start jumping ship, that is, if they still value what they have.
Leftist movements always eat their own. There are always purges. Always.

* * *

Here's an interesting pair of links.

A lot of Democrats in the House of Representative are livid over the party branding this year. Get a load of the headline:
Democrats House Members Throw Blame at The Squad, Nancy Pelosi, L'il Chuckie Schumer and BLM in Angry Conference Call
Some Democrat extrusion with the apt last name of "Spanberger" said:
Spanberger on the Dem caucus call: We lost races we shouldn't have lost.
Defund police almost cost me my race bc of an attack ad.
Don't say socialism ever again.
Need to get back to basics.
(Is yelling.)
You see, here's the thing: not one Republican lost his seat. All the Republicans in the House of Representatives will be back next year--and in fact the GOP gained a few seats. Not enough to take control (worse luck) but it's still a good showing.

But you folks need not worry. In 2022, you'll be able to use mail-in ballots again to steal control of the House and Senate. Because after all, who's going to stop you?

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