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#7367: They are already compiling their lists.

While they are registering guns and socializing medicine, they'll also be holding hearings wherein Trump administration officials will be brought before congress in orange jumpsuits and manacles. Trump first, of course, followed by his top advisors and spokesmen. Everyone in his administration will go to jail for the crime of being part of an administration that had the audacity to win an election against their preferred candidate, and further to be effective while in office.

At first, that'll be the plan. They'll plan to shut down the commission after they finish wrecking the lives of anyone who was in the Trump administration, figuring that a hundred or so object lessons will get the point across. But of course the thing is, crushing all those former enemies will feel so good to them, they won't stop. Once they've gotten the big bosses, they'll start going after the lesser officials. Then anyone in the government apparatus who supported Trump. Then anyone who failed to excoriate him. Then people on their own side who displayed insufficient hate for BadOrangeMan.

I'm not kidding.

If allowed to continue along that trajectory, they'll send thousands--millions--to "re-education" camps because they had the temerity to be registered as Republicans. It won't stop until and unless they are forced to stop, and sooner or later there will be a witch hunt that will make McCarthyism look like a casual game of "Charades". Only, instead of communists, they'll be looking for people who once donated money to the NRA or to a Republican candidate, or-or-or.

"That won't happen here! This is America!" It won't be by the time they get done with it, and if I can just direct your attention to that image I posted above you will see that THEY ARE ALREADY PLANNING IT.

"They're starting a list of people to punish. But Trump is the fascist. Got it."

* * *

So, Fox News--

I've got a fiver that says that the left stops talking about "Faux News" now that they've come out as anti-Repulican. Fox News really helped the Biden campaign by calling states early and refusing to call states where Trump was winning. So, yeah, not going to watch Faux News any longer.

* * *

Who will come out on top on Night of the Long Knives 2.0? Will it be antifa, or the Democrat party, who prevails?

Look: I get that antifa is battle-hardened and all that stuff. But if the word comes down from on high that THE ANTIFA SHIT STOPS NOW the prosecutors will stop the "catch and release" thing in its tracks, antifa will start going to jail for real, and order will return.

If antifa wishes to continue the violence and the rioting and all their other horseshit when it makes President Harris look bad, they're going to find out that the kid gloves contain steel plate. You think a Democrat President will hesitate to call out the national guard and give them rules of engagement that include shooting live ammunition?

The real tragedy of antifa is that they don't realize how expendable they are. If the Democrats realize their grand design of gaining total and permanent control of a socialist United States, antifa won't be allowed to continue their shenanigans one millisecond past the time that they start being inconvenient for the powers that be.

Hitler made an example out of the brownshirts' leaders. Do you think the rank-and-file fought back? Anyone who wanted to, either his friends talked him out of it or he got shot himself, because Hitler wasn't playing games and he was not going to tolerate any challenges to his authority. Whoever is in charge of the Democrat program, he's not going to tolerate it any more than Hitler did. Or Stalin. Or Lenin. Or Mao. Or Castro. Or Pol Pot. Or--

* * *

As is typical for government that is forced to cut spending, they will cut critical things and leave the optional shit alone. So they'll cut funding for police and firefighters and education, while retaining programs that give money to illegal aliens, for example.

* * *

This week has been a complete shitshow. On the plus side, it's Friday, and that means tomorrow is Saturday. I'm hoping to go outside in the warm weather and work on car maintenance. Add paint to the cupola, etcetera. We'll see how I do.

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