atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7369: Well, I'd better not, though.

Want to go lay back down and sleep a little more, but I really do want to try to get the Jeep's exhaust handled today, if possible.

* * *

My glasses are a pretty strong prescription, so at certain angles I get extreme chromatic aberration. Red is shifted one way, blue the other. Kind of like a prism.

Anyway, so this is the sequence of lighting on the new computer's case:

Red-green-blue-purple-light blue-yellow-white.

But I have to turn and put it in the center of my field of vision to see that; otherwise my glasses not-so-helpfully split them into their component colors.

Red: Red
Green: Green
Blue: Blue
Purple: Red-Blue
Light blue: Green-Blue
Yellow: Red-Green
White: Red-Green-Blue

Apparently, the mixture of blue and green make cyan, though (according to the additive primary color wheel) so I guess I'll just have to accept that.

* * *

That reminds me of the time I got into an argument with friends over what the primary colors were. They said, blue, red, and yellow; I said red, blue, and green. It actually turns out that we were both right, of course. They were talking about the subtractive primary colors, and I was talking about the additive primary colors.

With the subtractive primaries, when you add a color, it takes away some of the light. With equal amounts of each color, you end up with black. Adding color subtracts light. The more colors you remove, the closer you get to white.

With the additive primaries, when you add a color, it adds more light. With equal amounts of each color, you end up with white. Adding color increases light. The more colors you add, the closer you get to white.


* * *

I keep thinking about my idea to get a new monitor and mount it on a swingarm attached to the wall.

Since acquiring the Giganto-Tron, I've gotten used to having such a huge monitor on my desk. But the Apple Cinema display is bulky--almost two inches thick, a one-inch border around the screen--and heavy and...well, a bit dull.

Since I adjusted my screen resolution to match the monitor's native resolution, the image has sharpened up considerably, at least, but the colors look a bit faded and I can't adjust anything. The thing has a power button and no manual controls; in its native environment, everything is adjusted via a control panel in MacOS. There are no drivers for the thing for Windows.


Windows 10 seems much nicer than Windows 8. This computer boots in seconds, because Win10 boots fast even when you don't have an SSD, and of course this one does.

All I've really done since getting it is to add the software I want and to put in the drives from the old computers in; I haven't explored BIOS or done anything hacker-ish.

* * *

Well--now I'm just filibustering. Time to get into something resembling motion.

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