atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7371: Government of the glitch, by the Democrats, for themselves.

Silicon Graybeard explains why the voting machines in Michigan turning Trump votes into Biden votes is intentional operation and not any kind of "glitch".

There have been reports that the same model is being used in other states.

The thing to do is to get one of those machines, set it up the way it was set up for the election, and then feed it a thousand Trump votes--and see what happens. Then feed it a thousand Biden votes, but with Biden's party affiliation set as "Republican" and Trump's as "Democrat". I've got a fiver that says the machine would spit out a certain percentage of votes for the Democrat, regardless of whose name was associated with it.

Let me ask you: how many times have you had a "glitch" with your home computer that didn't require a complete restart? Put another nway, how often have you had "glitches" that were severe enough to corrupt data but didn't prompt a BSOD?

The software in the voting machines is not written by supreme programming gurus; it's written by software engineers, the same way Windows and Office and World of Warcraft are. Granted that the testing regime can be a lot simpler in the case of a machine that has one job (which is to scan a form, tally the marks, and report the aggregate of all forms scanned) but that doesn't help the people trying to convince us this was a "glitch". Because the system's job is simpler, focused on one task, and pre-acknowledged as mission critical, there should be no glitch that allows this kind of error to occur.

Computers don't just hiccough and decide to flip bits. A complete explanation would take far too long, so let me simplify things a bit.

The computer scans a form and tallies the marks. Let's say vote A is for Trump; what the computer does is to read the memory location containing the number of Trump votes, and to put that number into a register or accumulator in the processor. The processor then adds 1 to that number. With that done, the number is rewritten to the memory location it came from.

Then vote B comes in, which is a vote for Biden. We do the same thing: read the Biden tally, load it into the accumulator, add a 1, then write it back to memory.

And so it goes; as votes are fed into the thing, it keeps mindlessly doing this operation, over and over and over again.

What the Democrats would have us believe is that, in some cases, randomly, the computer got confused. It read a Trump vote, but instead of adding one to Trump, it added one to Biden. Six thousand times. Strangely, however, it never happened to do the opposite: scan a Biden vote and add it to Trump. Nor did it appear to randomly assign votes to Green or Libertarian or Commie or whoever else was running. Nope: six thousand votes moved from Trump to Biden.

Odd how the error worked that one specific way, isn't it, and not some other way? Like, randomly assigning the occasional vote to whoever last got a vote, or something? Maybe every tenth vote not being registered at all, or vote tallies randomly being written to the program counter (which would crash the machine)?

In any program of reasonable complexity--particularly a mission-critical application which is bound to include robust error detection and correction--a glitch that monotonically increments one number but causes no other undesired operation is most emphatically not a glitch, but intended operation.

So to me, that says that someone meant for this machine to occasionally assign Republican votes to the Democrat. That needs to be investigated, and if it turns out to be true, the company that made the machine needs to be put out of business.

Especially since I doubt that just that one unit was affected by this so-called "glitch".

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