atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7380: Windy!

Very windy today, cold, cloudy, craptastic--no desire or real need to go outside, so I didn't.

The weather put both my wife and I into "stay indoors and hunker down" mode, so all we really did this weekend was to alternate between being awake and being in bed. Instinct is as good an excuse as any, I suppose.

Hard to believe that just a week ago we had the windows open, even at night.

* * *

Little disappointed that we're not going to see my in-laws this year for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Her mother is old enough that she's got a severe risk if she were to catch COVID-19, even without considering that she's got COPD, since she's a former smoker.

Anyway, wife is depressed (and I don't blame her) and it's dreary and cold and the sun's going down too early. *sigh*

* * *

Last night we had chicken fajitas. Or tacos? I don't know.

Sauteed onion and green pepper in butter, then set it aside while I cooked chicken, cut small, and then used a Chichi's taco mix for flavoring. Mixed the onion and green pepper back in and let it all simmer for a little bit, until the juices had cooked down, and the result was fantastic. I ended up eating it on soft tortillas with sour cream, cheese, and verde salsa, so they were more like tacos than fajitas.

That Chichi's taco mix is the best taco mix I've come across, bar none. Unlike the various other brands (McCormick, Ortega, et alii) this one doesn't rely on chili powder, at least not nearly as much as the others do. I took a gamble on it working at all with chicken; turns out it tastes great.

* * *

That's all we've got from an uneventful weekend. I don't know, maybe watch Indiana Jones if you want something exciting, but I never claimed to be interesting.

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