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#7381: Dominion voting machines, as crooked as they come.

Listened to Mark Steyn today and learned a few things about the Dominon voting machines.

First off--and this made me blanch in horror--THEY ARE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET.

I am nothing like a cybersecurity expert, but even I know that if something is connected to the Internet, SOMEONE WILL HACK IT. It's brute force but the strongest security measure is still the "air gap", where absolutely nothing can connect to a device or system. You physically and electrically isolate the thing from any possible network connection because you don't want people to hack the thing.

Voting machines emphatically do not need Internet connections.

Second, the machines are designed to have their software updatable via the Internet. I don't think I need to explain why this is a bad idea, do I?

Third--and most damning--the machines can be set to assign a certain percentage of votes to a specific candidate.

That last bit there just leaves me slack-jawed with incredulity. The software is designed so that you can tell the thing, "Assign X% of the votes you get to [CANDIDATE]." So no matter how many votes come in, no matter how the people vote, you tell it who wins before a single vote is cast.

These machines are the same ones used by the Chavez and Maduro regimes in Venezuela. This is how they keep winning elections down there: by using machines which are set so that they win before anyone puts a vote in it.






The joke is true! Biden wasn't avoiding campaigning because he couldn't handle it--or, not just because he couldn't handle it; Biden didn't put much effort into campaigning because THE DEMOCRATS KNEW HE DIDN'T NEED TO.


Heads need to roll for this. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, you know, not fucking Guadamala or El Salvador or some tin-pot communist shithole.

I'm not sure I'm speaking figuratively, either. It might not be an overreaction to define this level of election interference as "treason" and give 'em all the firing squad. But that could be decided later; first we need to find out who's responsible and put them in jail.

Start with Dominion itself. It's a Canadian company, so the US can't touch them, but we sure as hell can put an immediate hard ban on them doing any further business in the United States AT ALL, including hardware and software. Subpoena the shit out of their records and find out who bought the machines, when, and for how much, and start following the fucking money wherever it goes.

I'll quote the salient quote so you don't need to go to the link unless you want to read Vox's take on it. Trump's principal lawyer on this, Sidney Powell, says, "Every state that bought Dominion should have a criminal investigation of the officers in the state who bought the software. We even have evidence of the kickbacks."

The board chairman of Dominion's American subsidiary is also on Biden's transition team. Can you scream "CONFLICT OF INTEREST" from the top of your lungs?

"Smartmatic" is the name of the company. It needs to be put out of business.

Meanwhile, I hope these scumbags are only the first of many. Democrats who attempted to rig the vote in a county in Texas got caught.

And if they're allowed to get away with it, in 2022 they'll just do it again.

Seriously, this shit has to be stopped cold, now. Because if it's not?

Soap box...jury box...ballot box...bullet box. We are on #3 right now, and if the actual will of the people is allowed to be swamped in a morasse of fake Democrat votes, then there will be only one box left.

* * *

I think I'm starting to get a handle on the explosion of my task list that took place last week. Some of the jobs that I have to do, I've actually already done, or have tickets to do for another reason, so that actually cuts back on my "to do" list a little bit.

Still, the holiday season is not going to be slow for me. I've got too much to do.

* * *

Well, they decided that on-site support people don't need company cell phones, so my nifty iPhone 8 has turned into a WiFi-only device. Its utility

I get the reasoning: I estimate that they were paying something like $15,000 a year to provide cell phones for all the computer technicians. That isn't chicken feed, I'd wager they were actually spending more than that, and it's their money, so I don't resent it. As neat as it is having a corporate cell phone, it's just not necessary, because they're not paying for us to be on-call 24/7.

But at the same time, I do not intend to connect my personal phone to their network, because I'm not spending my money for their benefit. There are a few things which having that phone made possible, which now are not, but that's not my problem.


Anyway, because the phone is now just basically a small iPad, I've lost my hot spot with unlimited data. I was previously either listening to Pandora through the iPhone, or else connecting my phone to the iPhone's hot spot and then listening to Pandora that way. Also, WLS-AM's streaming site when I felt like listening to Limbaugh.

What to do?

...went to Amazon and found a little clock-radio which has all kinds of connections (including Bluetooth, thumb drive, SD card) as well as AM/FM and a headphone jack and an AUX port. $26 shipped; it'll be here Wednesday. That will allow me to listen to Limbaugh or dump music to FLASH media and listen to that. No problem.

* * *

I cannot get over how quiet the Jeep is with the new exhaust. I know I've gone on and on and on about this already but I've been living with the ever-increasing noise for four years, and now I'm not quite sure why! Holy crap!

* * *

Well, anyway, that's about it for Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Whee!

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