atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#738: More damn spam

And these are good ones!

Stimulation says he works with "Sexual" Stimulation. So who is he? Maybe he's "Electrical" and he works with his sister, "Sexual". That makes sense. (Their parents must be sick, sick people.)

Melinda Dickinson informs us that girls are not pedophiles. That's good to know! I think it may be a bit of an over-generalization to say that all girls are not pedophiles, considering the rash of "teacher has sex with teenage boy" news stories of late. Still, it's probably good enough if you accept that there are going to be exceptions. (And Melinda? Seriously, get your keyboard fixed. That spurious apostrophe is annoying.)

Joni offers a discount for dark matter.

think about it.

Henry Berg wants to know if I want to "pass" an "unforgettable night". What would that entail, exactly? 'Cause there are plenty of ways a night can be "unforgettable", and most of them are bad, I'm pretty sure....

sharell offers me "The holiday report". News flash! There are holidays! And they're happening again this year! Flee in terror!

Libold Madison talks about his wife's high school nickname. "Yeah, back then she was called 'Colossal Phallus Debbie' because she has this huge cli--"

No, never mind.

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