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#7383: Wait! "Seized"??

What is this about a Dominion server being seized? The one showing that Trump won enough states that the electoral college vote would be 410-128?

But if that kind of proof of electoral fuckery has indeed been "seized" by authorities, then perhaps Trump's legal team has a chance of blowing this thing wide open.

* * *

Second bit down, Mercury has a tail! It's not readily visible but the planet gives off a detectable trail of (apparently) sodium and other stuff, blasted off its surface mainly by solar wind.

You see, this is what the Internet is for, IMHO: learning new fascinating things about the universe. Oh--and cat pictures.

* * *

I looked at that picture and thought, "Gee, that kinda looks like Katee Sackhoff. Well, that's because it is Katee Sackhoff. Mystery solved!

* * *

I wish I could just laugh all this off. The American left doesn't get it at all: the American right wing has read history, and knows what happens when the left starts to steal elections wholesale...and has a plan for dealing with it. I don't want to go there--not because I support the idea of America becoming a socialist shithole, but because I don't want the war to happen. It's not just going to be one side dying in this thing; in case you think otherwise let me explain to you that the left could not seize total control of the entire United States even if it wanted to. What it will be able to do is to seize control of the cities (you know, the places that voted for leftism) and some transportation hubs; it will likewise take control of certain areas that provide critical supplies such as food or energy. But the whole thing? No. The entire American military consists of 1.4 million active duty personnel, plus (being generous) another million in the reserves. National Guard (both Army and Air, and being generous again) add another half a million.

Let's assume none of them desert or refuse the obviously illegal orders to subdue the "rebellion". That makes a total military force of--extremely generous!--three million soldiers. Give each one a rifle and a bandolier of magazines and you have just enough personnel to assign each one to hold a single square mile of territory. That doesn't leave anyone out to do anything else, you know, like fix airplanes or run mess halls or even do laundry, but you've got one person per square mile, and you can surely keep the old flag flying, right?

--because of course no one's going to station one person per square mile. There are broad swaths of the country where there's just nothing but corn stalks. Or trees. Or underbrush. Or sand. You don't need to patrol each square mile. Which is good, because your military needs people to do the support jobs, things like cooking and laundry and medical care and machine repair and logistics and command and intelligence and-and-and, to the point that we have something like a four-to-one ratio of noncombatants to combat personnel. Be generous again and make it 3:1--that means you have a military force of three million, but only one million that know how to fight, and these extremely optimistic numbers are leaving out the fact that whole units will desert rather than go out and start shooting civilians.

(I am not sure about that number, but I also don't know what number to search for. 3:1 seems reasonable; I could be wrong, in either direction, but even at 2:1 it leaves you with a fighting force of 1.5 million. And I know we're nowhere near 1:1. For military leaders that's "get up and change the sheets" territory.)

Simple fact is that individually, soldiers are pretty useless. Much more effective in groups; and so the strategy would have to be holding the big cities and as many transport hubs as possible. The proles aren't going to resist long if they can't get food, or they can't get gasoline, or they can't get vitamins, or they can't get medical care, or--

But the US is not really all that centralized, either. Where I live--perilously close to Chicago--I am almost surrounded by farm fields. In this area live people who know how to grow crops and make them pay. Mostly they farm animal fodder, because they make good money at that. But what if they wanted to grow other things, things people will eat? The leftists could cut off our energy supplies, but not our food--not easily.

The socialists would be able to hold the cities, but outside of those cities they'd be fair game. And the cities need supplies, too; these so-called bastions of civilization will turn into third-world shitholes the instant the groceries stop being delivered. And those groceries have to be carried through red country. The electricity that powers those cities has to travel through red country. The roads that the trucks roll on, the tracks that the trains run on, the pipelines that carry the natural gas and the gasoline and the diesel fuel--

And the American military does not have the capacity to protect every road, every railroad track, every pipeline, every power pole, every communications relay, everything that they need to continue to operate.

...but it's war and it's horrible and I don't want to deal with it. I just want to go to work, come home and play WoW and hug and kiss my wife, and write SF. Ultimately, the left cannot win this thing, not even if they take it to this level; but they think that it's going to go just like it did in Russia and China and Vietnam and Cuba and-and-and, where there's some initial violence but then they seize total control over the country and everyone has to toe the line. They're wrong, because the American right has read up on those prior examples and is not prepared to go gently into that good night like the Jews of Germany and the Kulaks of Russia and the intellectuals of Cambodia.

* * *

Now, this is very interesting to me. The election was far beyond the margin of cheat, that much is becoming clear. The Democrats planned for a certain level of Trump votes, but Trump got more...which is why the counts stopped in seven states and the cheating grew so massively ham-fisted.
Sidney Powell explained one of the many alleged anomalies of the 2020 presidential election on the Rush Limbaugh show: "Trump votes were programmed to switch to Biden ahead of time, but Trump's votes were so high, it didn't work right because they didn't set their algorithms high enough." Could that explain the sudden pauses in the counting of votes in crucial swing states on election night? Trump was too far ahead, and adjustments had to be made to ensure a Biden victory? Powell has also released information claiming that Smartmatic voting software, which was used extensively in the United States in the 2020 election, was manipulated in Venezuela to ensure the victories of socialists Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro.
Not surprising, but very interesting.

* * *

So this has been going on within historical times. The Blue Ring Nebula is only a few thousand years old--which is to say, it's something like 6,000 light-years away, so the things we see right now are in fact 6,000 years old--but the light from the interactions described in the article would have first reached us a few thousand years ago.

Interesting stuff.

* * *

Faux News is hemorrhaging viewers! Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

* * *

Anyway, that's all I've got. That's how it goes!

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