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#7385: Twenty-seven cubic feet

Today I got an email from the infrastructure guy saying he wanted me to ship the still-boxed printer, which has been in my office longer than I have, to another site. 195 lbs of printer, packing material, and pallet, 28x28x33" (so less than 27 cubic feet, actually) which has been sitting in the northeast corner of the room taking up far too much space.

I had to dig it out, move it by the door, slap a label on it, and dolly it to Shipping. Once that was done I was able to rearrange things so that I have room to move again. That did for most of my morning, though.

* * *

This kind of question shows a poor grasp of just who Tucker Carlson is. Tucker Carlson isn't a right-winger, or even a conservative. He's basically a serious version of Stephen Colbert from his "Daily Show" days; instead of being a left-wing caricature of a right-winger, as Colbert was, Carlson has a carefully-constructed on-air persona that is a reasonable facsimile of the mainstream of the right wing.

It is, in other words, all an act. And right on cue, the actor is pivoting left.

* * *

I don't need to say a word. A blockquote is sufficient:
Dominion is demonstrating their obvious innocence to all and sundry:

* Denver and Toronto offices closed.
* 100+ employees scrubbed their LinkedIn profiles
* Executives refused to testify before PA House committee
* Lawyered up... because that's what you do when you've done nothing wrong, right?
Actually, no: I'm going to speak to that last point.

When you expect legal trouble, lawyering up is the wise thing to do even if you are completely innocent. Even if--especially when--you are a lawyer. "The man who acts as his own attorney has a fool for a client," or however that old saw goes. I will agree that it looks bad, but I'm not prone to claiming that seeking legal counsel is evidence of wrongdoing.

The other three things are bad enough, anyway.

* * *

Incidentally, some lefties have advised Dominion that they can sue Sidney Powell for defamation/libel.

Funny thing about that, though: when there's a lawsuit, both sides get to depose witnesses, who must testify under oath. The standard of evidence is a bit looser than it is for criminal proceedings, but the deponents are subpoenaed and must testify...and the lawyer can ask whatever questions he wants. Given that, it would be an enormously grave error for Dominion to place itself in the crosshairs like that, because Ms. Powell would ask them questions meant to demonstrate that her allegations are not, in fact, slanderous or libelous...and when you are credibly accused of making crooked voting machines that helped Democrats steal a Presidential election, the absolute last thing in the world that you want is to have to answer questions about doing so, under oath.

What you'd get would be endless repetitions of Dominion executives invoking the Fifth Amendment, just like that famous deposition video of Jeffrey Epstein. That makes for bad optics, let me tell you.

* * *

Check out this bit from today's post from Pixy Misa:

Only Apple Computer has the unmitigated gall to make an update for a computer that bricks certain models and make the victims of it pay for the privilege.

* * *

Saw today that the World Health Organization said that Remdesivir is contraindicated for COVID-19. Yeah! They said it doesn't really do much of anything against it.

* * *

Man, I'm sleepy.

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