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#7389: Knowing when to admit defeat

This is an interesting point. So let's sum up what we know about the election, all right?

The election was a landslide for Trump. Once you remove all the fraudulent votes and restore the switched votes to their correct place, you find that Trump got 410 electoral votes, and Biden got 128. It was a slaughter. That's what the seized German server tells us.

The Democrats worked with foreign powers to steal this election. They rigged voting machines, supplied by a company that has ties to a known communist financier, who has already demonstrated his willingness to spend his money on helping the left seize power in America. And other ties to known communist dictators Chavez and Maduro.

Seizing on the opportunity provided by the COVID-19 pandemic, itself the result of Chinese communist blunders, Democrats institute a crooked "vote by mail" system which has no identity verification or other checks on vote fraud, making it extremely easy to stuff ballot boxes wholesale.

Even with the advanced planning and an unprecedented number of stolen votes, Biden still lost on election night. The software in the voting machines, told to present a certain percentage of votes for Biden in a suitably deniable way, couldn't cope with it. (I want to talk about this issue a little later on.) Counting had to be stopped while new Biden votes were manufactured.

Counting was resumed in secret. Republican poll officials were barred from overseeing the count. Gigantic Trump leads were erased after this. (In Pennsylvania, a 900,000-vote Trump lead vanished virtually overnight and became a 10,000-vote Biden lead.)

Okay--those are the major facts. I had to stop myself from going further, because everything I was adding was basically just details for those broader points.

The real hell of it is, none of these points are really contested. No one is arguing, for example, that the "vote by mail" system was completely free of fraud, and explaining how it was set up to avoid it. None of the details are being answered. Instead, we're getting blanket denials: "THERE WAS NO FRAUD IN THE ELECTION" and "TRUMP IS WRONG" and so forth.

Last week I discussed an Arse Technica article where "dozens of computer scientists" were claiming that the election had not been "hacked". That's actually disputing the wrong thing; it's a straw man.

You see, no one on my side is claiming that the voting machines were hacked into. "Hacked into" meaning some nefarious person with a computer did the WarGames schtick and somehow got access to the voting machines and changed votes without anyone knowing. This is the scenario that the Democrats were alleging for the 2016 elections. "Russian hackers" changed the outcome to favor Trump.

That's the story that AT article debunked: the "dozens of computer scientists" claimed that no one could break into the voting machines and change the outcome, and so of course that means that the voting machines were 100% honest and no chicanery took place. You see?

All 100% true and correct. But no one had to hack their way in, because the people who wrote the software and built the machines were themselves helping the Democrats change vote totals. Because the systems themselves had these functions built into the software--and if you read the manual for the fucking thing, it tells you how to do it!

This is the kind of "answer" to the charges we are getting from that side of the aisle: straw men, and blanket denials of any fraud at all. Even as numbers are published which show impossible things, like Biden getting a 99.9% turnout in some districts. Like Republican districts showing anomalously weird statistics for how people were voting. Like pallets' worth of Biden votes showing up at counting centers with no paper trails declaring where they'd come from.

The press has simply decided not to discuss any of this. When the Trump campaign legal team got up and had a press conference, the press dismissed it: "They didn't present any evidence; they've got nothing and they're going to lose! Trump should just concede already!"

This is where we stand. Trump has (we are told) an astounding preponderance of evidence that shows who, what, where, when, and how, and unleashing it upon the public will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt not only that electoral fuckery took place, but an unprecedented level of it, and further who did it.

Democrats are stuck. They can't admit defeat, precisely because of what Trump has on them. Too many of them will go to jail. So what are they doing? They're fighting the lawsuits, yes, but in the meantime they're getting ready for the biggest antifa blowout you've ever seen.

Dominion did not close their offices in Denver and Toronto, and disappear, because Trump has "no evidence".

The Democrat leadership knows just as well as we do that the election was stolen, but they're hoping the threat of manufactured civil unrest will be enough to get Trump to concede: "If you make us do this," they say, "it will be really bad!"

They are also trying to get his lawyers disbarred.

But The raid in Germany was on the American CIA.

From the entire "get Trump" debacle of the last four years, we know that elements of the FBI and CIA are essentially Democrat satellites. The CIA using its election-hacking system to change the outcome of an American election violates their mandate. But we don't even need that. The fact is that if the CIA monitored the honest numbers and came out with "410-128", then it was essential that the proof be seized immediately so that it couldn't have some kind of, y'know, "accident" befall it. "Whoops, so sorry, Mr. President, but we had a server failure that wiped out everything going back to 2019...."

That being the case--Trump won, everyone on "the inside" knows it--then it really does come down to a waiting game, doesn't it? Either to see who cracks first, or to see what the courts say. The problem that the Democrats have is, even if Trump doesn't win in any venue he can still do a document dump. Any time he wants until January 20, 2021, he can say, "You get declassified! And you get declassified! Everyone gets declassified!" and dump every last detail for the world to see.

"Scorched earth", all right, and then salting the land afterwards for good measure--but the resulting uprising would make it impossible for the leftists to seize total control of the United States. It would make it impossible for the Democrats to govern, because the illegitimacy of their accession to power would be manifest. Come the midterm elections in 2022, the Democrats would have to repeat the electoral fuckery of 2020 even to retain a tenuous grip on the legislature, because the turnout would be overwhelmingly Republican.

Given all that, I expect that the Trump campaign is quietly telling Democrats, "Give up. You can't win, and you know it. The further you take this, the worse it's going to be for you."

...but Democrats know what happens to them if they lose this: all the criminal charges will be filed, for electoral fuckery, for abuse of power in 2015 through 2020, for a myriad of crimes. Feds and spies will be put in jail. There will be a massive clearcutting of federal government felons.

It's why they cheated so hard to begin with.

* * *

"The Left doesn't care about murders unless they can use them to advance some political agenda."

* * *

CEO of Waffle House shows us how it's done. Good man.

* * *

Tonight I'm going to start an experiment. I'm going to not take my Lisinopril before bed, but wait until morning. I want to see if it's what makes me cough and wake up and all the other nonsense that's bothered my sleep for the last nine months., at least, since the GERD was the problem before that. We'll see.

Meanwhile, it's almost 6 PM on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I've got three days of work, a day off, then half a day of work, then two days off--it's going to be nice, I think. The work I need to do on the UPSes in the server room shouldn't take four hours, anyway.

This week ought to be fairly low-key, too. Not many people are going to be all up ons to have things done by Wednesday and it ought to give me a chance to knock out some of the computers I need to reimage for the Win10 upgrade.

I'm so pleased to be rid of that Lexmark printer, in its box and on its pallet. It took up so much room! And the process of getting it out, to ship it, gave me an excuse to spend time on cleaning up and reorganzing the office, something it's needed since...uh...July? Ever since that never-used 20u wall-mount rack came over from the near off-site, anyway, to sit in my office like the kaaba. The kaaba (I'm going to keep calling it that, privately) now sits where the Lexmark used to, and has a Zebra thermal printer (still in its box) on top of it. I threw away a contractor bag full of boxes I don't need, consolidated my reserve of packing material, and restacked stuff to make room. Looks a ton better. Feels a ton better. "Miles to go" but getting the batteries replaced in the server room will help a ton, and with that all done I can finally get the old batteries removed to the hazardous materials storage shed. Thrills!

* * *

Minus side: did not get so much as one patch of spackle sanded this week. Every day for the past three weeks I have said to myself, "All right, tomorrow I am going to get after that fricking spackle!" And then something happens.

Like, I come home exhausted and fall asleep. Like, my wife gets home and says, "Let's go out to do [task!]" Like shopping or dining out. Like, I have something else to handle (like the freezer). Like, I get wound up in doing a blog post and forget about doing it. Like, on weekends, I'm awake but my wife's taking a nap, so I go lay down, and after a bit she gets up. Like--

Friday will make it a year since we moved the bed into the spare room. As I said before, a good chunk of that is sheer procrastination on my part, but not all of it. I've had tons of other things going on, too, which took precedence over painting. Problems with my back, or other parts of my anatomy. Other chores which were more important (like cutting the grass). This, that, the other thing.


Well, there's always next week. And, most of a four-day weekend!

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