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If there is anything I learned from watching this President over the last four years, it is that it's absolutely essential that you wait two days whenever any news comes out which might be dismaying or dispiriting for his supporters. Every other time it's turned out to be something entirely different from what the mainstream media reported.

The media is reporting that Trump is "distancing himself" from Sidney Powell, and they're practically cackling with glee over it. "Ahh ha ha! You see, it's all starting to come apart!"

* * *

The weather forecast says it's gonna snow tonight!

My wife and I go through this scene every time snow is in the forecast. EVERY. TIME. Usually it ends up with her squealing in delight because she enjoys that movie so much.

* * *

I agree with Vox on this point. Rush Limbaugh fancies himself technically savvy, but--again--the man uses a Macintosh.

I have a great deal of respect for Rush Limbaugh, don't get me wrong; you do not build a radio empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars on a high-school education if you're an idiot. His knowledge of politics is encyclopedic, and his ability to discuss them on radio without ever getting boring is a very rare talent indeed.

Everyone has his limits, though. Limbaugh does not understand technology as well as he thinks he does.

That's why he doesn't understand the bombshells that have been dropping from the Trump campaign's legal team.


That one sentence is the biggest bombshell in history--at least, American history--because it is proof that the Democrat party tried to steal the presidential election. And further?

"'s pretty freaking huge to produce evidence that the CIA has been manipulating elections everywhere from the Philippines to Venezuela for years using voting machines, and that it appears to have been manipulating US elections too."

* * *

If that doctor worked for me, he wouldn't after I saw that horseshit.
Medical care is not a treat for being good and withholding medical care is not a punishment for being bad. It's most certainly not a punishment for not agreeing with the political ideology of the doctor.

I'm sure if [it were] up to this doctor, your voting registration would be on your medical chart for him to decide how much care, if any, you deserve. Maybe your education and lost of privileges too.
It wouldn't even matter whether the doctor's politics agreed with mine or not. It's a simple question of liability.

Let's say this guy is working a shift in the ER and someone comes in who is wearing a MAGA hat and is in respiratory distress. Entirely innocuously, this turdbrain doctor is unable to attend to this patient right away, because there is another patient who is in more dire straits--say, a gunshot to the torso, collapsed lung, pericardial tamponade, etc. Only while he's attending to that patient, the guy in the MAGA hat dies.

The family could then point at Dr. Shithead's twattle feed and sue the hospital on the grounds that he purposely ignored a patient whose politics differed from his. Plenty of malpractice lawyers would take that case, believe me.

If you employ a doctor who advocates withholding care to patients based on their politics--which is what this asshat is doing--you are handing sue-happy patients the tort on a silver platter.

* * *

Release the kraken?

* * *

I wonder how much they pay him for this shit. The guy can't meet a deadline to save his life.

* * *

Speaking of making deadlines--

Last night I sanded the spackle in the bedroom--all of it--so we're actually ready for paint. Tonight, I want to paint the ceiling. It's just past 6:30 right now and the ceiling is the easiest part, because it's just one big flat thing about 12x13 feet. Probably will need two coats.

Paint the ceiling, let it flash, put on the second coat, and then start making with the masking tape. Walls, Tuesday or Wednesday night. I won't be terribly unhappy if I don't get it painted before Sunday, but it'll be mostly masked and ready to go, so all I have to do is put the paint on.

Off I go.

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