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#7391: Ceiling painted

Two coats of Ultra White, looks fantastic...and I'm done for the night. Forgot exactly how much work it is to paint a ceiling using a roller on a pole. Hurts the chest muscles. Arm muscles. The lats, the deltoids, the cloits and dloits--all of it.

Plus side, I've already got the cloits and dloits of a thousandaire, so this is just basically "upper body week" for me.


Still: because I am in this state of completely being done, and out of energy, the masking won't get done tonight. This isn't really all that big of a problem, though, because having started to apply paint to the room, I won't be happy until I've finished applying the paint.

Then it's a matter of pulling up the carpet and seeing what shape the hardwood underneath is in. I'm betting it's the second-best hardwood floor in the house, second only to the living room, which (until I removed the carpeting) had never been used in the house's history.

But we're zeroing in on having redone the entire house. My wife does not seem particularly interested in redoing the master bath, though I really want to go back to a corner shower stall and not use the main bathroom for showers any longer. The master bath should require approximately as much work as the main bath did, because there are places I need to replace drywall--and I'm not using gypsum or even "water-resistant" drywall; I'm gonna use DUROCK so that I could put nothing on the wall and still have it hold up to daily shower use.

Durock is basically sheetrock made out of concrete, which means that when you get water on it, it doesn't soften and crumble like gypsum does.

I saw this stuff that was advertised by...who was it? Home Depot? I don't remember, but it was basically paneling that you stick on Durock that looks like...well, whatever pattern you select. Woodgrain, if you want it, or tile patterns, or stone patterns, or-or-or. It's completely waterproof. Put it over Durock, seal it properly, and you will never need to replace the bathroom again. You might want to after twenty or so years of looking at the same decor....

Ideally, what I'd like to do is to put in something that approximates the original 3x3' shower stall. The current shower fills the entire space--something like 3x5'--but by going with a smaller stall, I'd restore the little cranny that we had by the shower, which is about 3x2'. That would become the home for the cat boxes.

Actually, if we're talking "ideally", what I'd really like to do is to put a whirlpool tub in there, one of the larger ones. But that gets expensive fast, and then we'd have to figure out where to put the cat boxes.

And then that bathroom would get an exhaust fan, as well.

All told, it would be an enormous amount of work, and I expect to be ready for that sometime around, oh, 2026 or so.

Once the bedroom is done, and we've gotten carpet put in, then we'll be working on getting the basement done. The basement will be a big job, though, because I want to rip out the dark paneling and put up sheetrock. Bottom four feet will be Durock, the remaining upper part of the walls will be regular drywall. For that, I expect to hire someone to mud the drywall and make it all smooth, and I might even hire someone to paint it. There will be better lighting down there; instead of one 40w fluorescent fixture, there's going to be several overhead lights. I'm not sure how I'll handle the ceiling yet, but replacing the craptastic drop ceiling with a nice new drop ceiling is not out of the question.

...maybe sometime in 2023.

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