atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7392: Well, that sucked

Did not sleep all that well last night--coughing etc--and this morning I woke up from a pretty depressing dream.

Basically, zombie story. Not sure if it took place on Earth or a planet around a distant star--it varied--but it started with the ladybugs.

Ladybugs were crawling around, only some of them had only two legs, and then there was just a line of ladybug legs, still wiggling. There were these kind of pastel-rainbow bugs that were going after the ladybugs, and what would happen is that the rainbow bug would latch onto a ladybug, something would happen, and they'd both just kind of...pop, like bubbles.

That kind of bothered me but the plot moved on to other things, only to come back to the thing later when the farm was beset with zombies. People we'd known, only now they were covered with sores from the rainbow bug things and interested only in murder and feeding. There was a long period of conflict and running and avoiding, and the survivors finally managed to escape, all piled atop a tractor. It was going to be fine! We were going to prevail!

Except we weren't, and we all knew it, because the rainbow bugs were already well on their way towards wrecking the ecosystem, and we might have as much as a couple years before we all died of starvation or lack of oxygen or-or-or.

And I woke up.

When I woke up, it was with a splitting headache, an emotional funk left over from the dream, and it was perhaps half an hour before my normal time to get up. I decided there was no point to trying to go back to sleep, so I sat in my rocking chair in my underwear, drank a Mountain Dew, and read Hayate no Gotoku. Which helped, at least a little.

Had to chisel ice off the windows of both cars, ended up getting to work 15 minutes late.

Well, Monday; what can you do?

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