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#7393: The GOP is not blameless, here.

Do you now understand why right-wingers refer to the GOP as "the stupid party"?

One of the biggest reasons Donald Trump was elected President in 2016 stems from the fact that the right wing was sick and tired of the GOP lying to them.

Starting when GW Bush was still President, every two years we were told, "You need to elect more of us! We don't have the votes, elect more of us, and we'll cut your taxes!" And once Obamacare passed, they added, "We'll be able to fix Obamacare when we have the votes!"

So we kept voting. The GOP populations in the House and Senate kept increasing. Eventually we got one of them, and the GOP said, "We sure tried, but we just can't do it without [the other one]! C'mon, get us over the top and we'll do it!" Every other year, they'd try and try and try but they just couldn't get the legislation to pass because "We don't have the votes."

Then they had majorities in both houses. "We can pass the bill! Oh, shucks, Obama won't sign it! If only we had the White House!"

This was the period when I suggested that the GOP pass bill after bill after bill repealing Obamacare, doing nothing but, sending a new bill to his desk every week for him to veto. And during the government shutdown theater, when Obama was closing tombs and statues to the public, the GOP continued its sad refrain, "We just don't have the votes."

Around 2009, 2010, it became bleeding obvious that the GOP didn't want to cut taxes or oppose any of the Democrat agenda. Like millions of other registered Republicans, I'd had enough of the failure theater they put on every two years. They weren't even trying; they were barely even pretending to try. And I got so fed up with them that when they nominated Romney to run for President, I voted for Gary Johnson, the freaking Libertarian candidate.

Understand: Through about 2008 I was a party loyalist. I'd get behind whoever the nominee ended up being, even if I thought he was a useless turd (*cough* McCain *cough*) because the process had been followed and the party had selected its nominee. That's what you do when you're in a political party; that's what makes the whole thing work.

But coming, as I did, to the realization that these people are not representing me, I did the only thing I could, which was to withdraw my unconditional support. That's why I voted against Romney; that's why I voted against Adam Kinzinger, and that other jerkoff whose name escapes me for the moment.

Then, Trump.

Initially, I was disgusted by his entry into the race. My wife (a big reality TV fan) was excited and declared she'd vote for him. I had the view shared by a lot of people at that time: "He's a reality TV guy! He can't be President! This is stupid." It was even worse than Arnold Schwartzeneggar being governor of California.

...but then I listened to him. By the time they held the primaries in Illinois, I was ready to vote for him. And you know what? I'm glad I did! He turned out to be the best President we've had since Ronald Reagan--and in fact is better than Reagan!

He made more good things happen in four years than FDR managed in sixteen. His policies boosted a moribund economy out of the doldrums and knocked unemployment down to the basement and made the United States a net exporter of petroleum! HIs policies and programs fixed a lot of ills at which two decades of combined GOP and Democrat governance had flailed uselessly.

And he did these things without the help of the GOP.

The Republican party didn't help Donald Trump; at best, they stayed out of his way. The "NeverTrump" maggots, self-styled "conservatives", sniped at his ankles continuously and supported Democrats. (Which is, by the way, is why I no longer call myself "conservative" but "right-wing".)

But now we have an election which the Democrat party is stealing right before our eyes...AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS DOING NOTHING TO STOP IT.

"Oh, okay, looks like there was a little cheating, there. Guess we're going to have to have a look at that, later on."


* * *

More ballots were counted than the machines can physically count. There is a certain maximum rate at which the machines can process ballots. Assuming no problems, no paper jams or anything else, the four locations cited could have processed about 94,000 ballots in 2h38m. That is the absolute theoretical maximum; they could not have processed more than that in the given time period. It's physically impossible, because the ballots will not pass through the machines quickly enough.

Somehow, they processed 384,000. A mere 290,000 more than are physically possible.

* * *

Faux News' ratings are SHIT and I am laughing my ass off at them.

* * *

"Having Powell separated from the legal team leave DS leakers and assets in WH completely blind." Now that is an interesting observation. While Rudy Giuliani et al run around making noise and getting all the press, just what is Ms. Powell doing?

This observation is why I say, "Wait two days."

* * *

The Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine--MMR--may have some cross-compatibility with COVID-19. Which would explain why so many kids are virtually immune to the damned thing.
I worked on Nuclear Biological Chemical at headquarters level and the Chinese response was exactly what I would expect if there was a containment breech and I didn’t know what had gotten out of the lab.
Very interesting, indeed.

* * *

So, came home, masked a bit of trim, then Mrs. Fungus came home and declared we needed to go shopping. Now I need to help her put up a little bit of decoration, make brine for the turkey, and fashion a pumpkin pie since the store was out of them.

...need to paint....


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