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#7394: I'm baking a pumpkin pie

Before we went shopping I told my wife that under no circumstances was I going to bake a pumpkin pie, because I had no time to.

That resolve lasted until we got to the store and found a plethora--a panoply--of sweet potato pies, but no pumpkin pies.

So: hit the baking aisle and grabbed two cans of filling. Looked at the back of the can for what I needed: evaporated milk, heavy cream, pie shell--everything else on the list I had.

Got back to the house, ate dinner, wrote the prior post; then hit the kitchen.

First up: brine, using Alton Brown's recipe for a brined turkey. Do not mess with what works. Once that was heating, turned my attention to the pie, and just started dumping stuff into the stand mixer's bowl according to the list of ingredients on the back of the pumpkin filling can.

Mrs. Fungus: It smells like pumpkin pie!

Me: *sigh*

Had to mend the pie shell. Cracked. Argh etc--but it didn't take long. Dumped the filling into the shell, put the shell into the preheated oven, set for 20 min and walked away. At the 20 minute mark, turned the heat down to 375 and the timer for 40 minutes, and walked away again. Got the dishes prewashed and in the dishwasher, and started it up.

With about 10 minutes left, I checked it; the filling is above the level of the rim and it's wobbly. Not done!

I'm starting to suspect that I could have made two pies, rather than one, with the filling that I made.

I've never baked a pumpkin pie before. Here's hoping it comes out edible.

* * *

I was going to do some more work on masking the bedroom but my wife nixed it. Shopping, making a pie, making the brine, and washing the dishes was enough, she said.

Oh--and I helped her put up some balsam garland, on the fireplace mantel, to make it festive.

* * *

Meanwhile, I thought you guys said that health care was a right? If it's a right you can't put a restriction on it, you know.

I can't find a party affiliation for the guy, but he supports "green energy" and a whole slew of other Democrat policies, so I'm pretty sure he's a Democrat.

* * *

"The utter shit of Communism right there." A beautifully eloquent comment.

* * *

Jeeze 1,800 kilometers per second! Okay, as interstellar speeds go it's not much, but it's still the fastest-moving star in our galaxy. Though, it won't actually be in our galaxy for very long, at that speed.

* * *

Stove beeped. Checked the pie. Recipe says if you stick a knife in the center and it comes out clean, the pie is done. It doesn't look done, being all puffy and wobbly--but the knife came out clean. I'd expect that the filling contracts as it cools, making the familiar creamy and dense pumpkin pie we all know. (I know that when Mom made pumpkin pies, they would always develop a crack in the center.)

So: proof of the pudding pie is in the eating; we'll know Thursday evening if I did a good job or not.

* * *

For the first time since I started playing WoW in 2008, an expansion pack came out and I didn't start playing it immediately.

My wife and I have been too busy to play it. It actually went live on Monday, but she was tired and I was occupied with other things. Ditto for today. We probably won't have emuch time for WoW before Thursday. *sigh*

Friday I'm going in to work for a few hours to swap UPS batteries; then I'm going to get some 1x2s and take them over to Og's so we can use his fancy table saw to cut them to approximately the right profile for the cupola. Once we're done with that, I'm coming home and hoping to reassemble the cupola and slap another coat of paint on it before attaching the roof.

I have three things I want to complete this weekend: I want to get that bedroom painted, I want to fix the ceiling over the tub, and I want to complete the restoration of the cupola. I have everything I need for all of these, save the actual 1x2 for the trim pieces.

Weather report says the high temps will be near 50 on Saturday and Sunday; if I could actually reattach the cupola to the house that would be pure gravy. But I'm not going to hold my breath; what I have planned is already more than ambitious.

* * *

Incidentally, I found out what was causing the cough: the f-ing Pepcid. Delaying the lisinopril until morning did nothing, so I decided to try omitting the Pepcid on Monday night.

Besides the coughing, that interrupted my sleep and made me miserable, there was another serious annoyance: it made me drool in my sleep. Sure, everyone does that once in a while, right? I've woken up from time to time with a little bit of it; that's part of being human.

That would have been okay, if it was a normal amount. But no, I'm talking about how I'd consistently wake up coughing, with my beard and pillow and/or sheet sopping wet. Well, FFS, you'd think that if that saliva had gone down the hatch, instead of out and into my frigging beard, maybe I wouldn't have the cough--but on nights that didn't feature such an epic drool event, I'd still got the damned cough.

And the only way to fix the cough is to get up and get a cough drop and then sit on the sofa letting it dissolve. If I go back to bed with it still in my mouth, when I fall asleep either it falls out, or I drool cough drop goo onto the sheet. The cough makes it impossible to sleep, so I need to do something. I tried cough syrup but that didn't help, either. Sitting up disrupts my sleep and makes me absolutely flat the next day, but that way the cough drop doesn't cause any trouble.

But Monday night, having not taken the Pepcid, I slept normally.

I mean, 100% normal. I've always had a little trouble with my mouth or throat drying out, which is why I'm in the habit of having a bottle of Pepsi by the bed (or was until GERD reared its head) but instead of waking up, an hour after going to sleep, with an intractable cough, instead I woke up several hours later with a bit of a tickle that went away after I had a slug of cough syrup and cleared my throat a few times. And, no drool.

It would seem that taking the Pepcid in the morning would be the way to go, then. Still, it's most convenient to take the pill about an hour before bed, so I've decided to try a different medication: Prevacid. Generic, of course. Instead of being an H2 inhibitor, it's a proton pump inhibitor. My first impulse was Nexium, which I have used before, but then I found that chronic use of that one is contraindicated. FDA says "never" take it for more than 14 days at a time. Ooookay. No such warning I could find with Prevacid, and in fact for people with a certain syndrome that makes their stomach overproduce acid, chronic use is recommended.

So, we'll see how nighttime use of this stuff works. Got a 14-tablet pack of it; if it's good, then we'll stick with it. Otherwise, I'll go back to Pepcid, and just get used to taking it in the morning.

So annoying, though.

The worst part is, Pepcid also interferes with medications used to treat depression and anxiety and whatever else. That's probably why I had to start taking whole tablets of that; I remarked to my wife that I haven't been able to really relax since March...and March was when I got the diagnosis of GERD and started taking the freaking Pepcid. So, yeah, changing meds might be a good idea.

But: I've been sitting here for about an hour now, writing this. Medications went down the hatch, and it's time to brush teeth and wash face and hit sack. Wednesday is coming (White Wednesday) and after that, Thanksgiving weekend!

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