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#7398: Cooking! Lots of cooking!

So, right after that last post I hied meself to the kitchen and began cooking.

First up, decant bird. Rinse bird. Oil up bird. Wonder why oil's not sticking....

Pat bird DRY with paper towels. Re-oil bird. Oil sticks a lot better. Salt, pepper, garlic powder on skin of bird.

Two small apples, a single medium onion, chopped up, in a bowl with a cinnamon stick and two cups of water, microwave 5 min. Put this into cavity with some rosemary and sage.

Put bird into 500° oven for 30 minutes.

Now, stuffing: a cup of celery and onions in one frying pan with a stick of butter; if you're in a hurry as I was, use another frying pan to cook a pound of breakfast sausage. Cook both, stirring frequently, until done. Put in bowl with a Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix and a small apple, diced. Add 2 cups of chicken broth, stir until all bread cubes are moistened. (I ended up adding another cup of broth, because my cubes weren't moistened. Last time I made it, no extra broth, and the stuffing was too dry to hold together when served.)

Turn into greased 13x9 pan and bake at 375° for half an hour.

The stuffing mix I got was an "unflavored" pack of bread cubes. With the celery, onions, and sausage, I don't recall it needing any more spices.

Cleaned up, got the pans and dirty dishes into the dishwasher and set it for its 1-hour cycle. As I sit here, I have about an hour and forty minutes before I need to check the bird's temperature, and I'm eating the cranberry salsa I made last night with Wheat Thins.

The lovely thing about this salsa is that it is not the kind of thing you pop into your mouth and go, "AIGHH HOT HOT WATER ICECREAM SOMETHING" oh no. The first bite is sweet. The second bite is sweet-ish. Third and fourth, okay, this is starting to grow on me...and after a bit you can feel the heat begin to build. I try to make it on the mild side, by removing about 1/3 to 1/2 of the jalapeno seeds before dicing the peppers. In truth I could probably stand the full-strength stuff, but my mother-in-law cannot, and so I'm in this habit now.

If it wasn't such a process to make it, I'd probably try making a full-on batch. You need 12 ounces of cranberries, a quarter cup of green onions, and a quarter cup of cilantro; half a cup of sugar, a decent pinch of salt, two jalapenos, and a couple tablespoons of lime juice. I use lemon juice since that's what I have on hand, but it's still four ingredients I do not habitually stock.

Anyway, you take all that stuff and whiz it in a food processor until it's salsa texture. You have to let it sit for at least an hour so the flavors can marry. Then--serve atop a bed of cream cheese with some good hearty crackers that won't break when you try to scoop up a mouthful of delicious salsa atop mellow cream cheese. Wheat Thins are the recommended variety to use.

I think, if/when I make this stuff for Christmas Eve, I'll make it full-strength and see how it comes out.

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