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#7401: There's no way this is true

A Vox Day post about Georgia planning to wipe the voting machines on 11/30 has a couple of updates at the end, with links, to some bombshells so big they're practically atomic warheads. big, in fact, they cannot be true. It's uncorroborated and there's no backup at all for it.
The GNews guy who broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, complete with pictures, is now reporting that Joe Biden went to Mitch McConnell and offered to concede [if] the Senate Majority Leader will guarantee that President Trump pardon him and his family.
I don't believe it. I won't believe it until I see proof. It's too big.

But here's the thing: let's just say it's true. What could the motivation be for doing that? And the only answer that comes to mind is the obvious one; if Biden concedes the election, then there's no need to go through with all the lawsuits. The lawsuits seem to be designed to put tangible, verifiable evidence of vote fraud into the public record, demonstrating for once and for all just how massive Democrat vote fraud has gotten in the past couple of decades. Not only will politicians start being voted out of their offices; some of them would possibly face the threat of being brought up on criminal charges, a subset of that group could be fined, and some bare fraction might actually go to jail. For certain, measures will be put in place to prevent all the easy cheating from taking place ever again.

So do you lose an election, or lose the one thing that reliably gets your people into office? And by the way, in the latter case, a hell of a lot of powerful people lose...well, their power. They won't lose their fortunes and they'll live lives beyond dreams of luxury but they won't be in charge. Power is the object of power.

Put that way, it makes sense...but having Biden walk up to McConnell and say, "I'll concede," means that things have to start flipping over. With Biden a mere couple of certifications away from breaking 270 electoral votes, it would look really terrible for him to concede. We'll know more as the next week or so unfolds, because the court cases will break the other way, and really fast. Not incidentally denying Trump his trip to the Supreme Court, which is what he needs to blow the whole thing wide open for all to see.

For Trump, it's an easy choice: "No."

The court case hitting SCOTUS gives him the Presidency. It lays waste to the corruption that's infiltrated the election process. It puts a hell of a lot of people squarely in the Justice Department's crosshairs. It makes manifest the myriad ways that Democrats have been stealing elections. It gives the body politic impetus to correct that and ensure honest elections going forward.

In other words, Trump's got nothing to lose. Accepting the (probably fictitious) deal outlined above merely gets him the Presidency. If he's after more than that? If he's after the elimination of rigged elections?

"A consummation devoutly to be wished." But I don't see it.

* * *

The holiday weekend is effectively over. It seemed awfully short this time; usually they don't.

I need to go to bed in a little while.

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