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#7402: There's so much of it, I don't know how to cope

"Officials in Fulton County, Georgia, said a Dominion Voting Systems mobile server crashed on Sunday, delaying a recount requested by President Trump."

And then Vox adds an update: "It keeps getting better. The server didn't crash. It's been reported missing."

Wonder what this "server" looks like. Is it a set of blades installed in a standard server rack? Or is it some kind of standalone machine? In any case having the thing "reported missing" probably means someone thought they'd be clever and get rid of the audit trail.

In the case of the Arizona vote theft, though, they've got a smoking gun. "Packet Traffic was observed from US TO FRANKFURT." Uppercase theirs.

"Frankfurt", by the way, would be where the server was that was seized by an American assault team. In Germany.

And no gritty political thriller is complete without a high-level CIA offical ending up dead. She was summoned to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell's office last week, apparently, and now she's dead of "natural causes". RUMOR HAS IT, that is.

...$5 says the causes of her untimely demise were about as natural as Jeffrey Epstein's.

In Between Planets Heinlein made a point of saying that ultimately all forms of death can be attributed to heart failure. The main character's uncle dies while in government custody, and a sleazy government man tells the main character that his uncle died of "heart failure". Sure.

So all we need to do is to think of a way to make "natural causes" fit a murder. Hmm. Ah! Poisoned: they slip her some botulin and she dies. Botulin is a natural product of certain anaerobic bacteria. Allergic reaction: they slip something to which she's allergic into her Starbuck's milko macho. (Or was it a macho milko? I can never tell the difference.) ...hit by a truck: NATURALLY you'd die if you were hit by a truck.

It's just not that difficult to allege "natural causes", particularly in a case when the press is probably not all that interested in finding out the truth of the matter.

* * *

If the COVID-19 pandemic actually killed any people at all, it largely killed people who were going to die, anyway. With a deadly pandemic, you would expect to see the normal death rate plus some number of deaths from the disease. We don't see that; what we see is something that's about the same as the normal death rate.

The study was almost immediately deleted after it was published.

* * *

Just as well that I'm no longer buying Nike products. Companies like Apple and Nike have big factories in China, and they don't mind at all if the communist Chinese government supplies them with slave labor from their gulags and concentration camps. And if the US tries to do anything to limit their ability to capitalize on free labor from political slaves, they take action to prevent it.

* * *

Democrats are now talking about "uniting" since they think their guy will be President. Well, we on the right wing have a huge list of reasons that our response will be to erect our middle fingers and say, "FUCK YOU."

* * *

Anyway, before my wife gets home, I want to get some more masking done. I didn't do any work at all on it during the holiday weekend.

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