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#7404: Short shrift tonight

It's just been a day. It's already 8 and I'm just now sitting at the PC, so you know how it is.

Plus side, cooked delicious crunchy chicken with rice for dinner, got the turkey carcass in to boil, to make stock, and even managed a trip to the store for a few sundries. Mrs. Fungus and I watched the first ep of Joan of Arcadia and all was well.

* * *

A lot of DEMOCRAT politicians are issuing edicts for people to stay home, right before they jet off to vacation somewhere other than their homes. "Do as we say, prole! WE have privilege and you don't. WE can go on vacation but you can't."

* * *

"Defund the police" has led to a 500+% increase in carjackings. Minneapolis is a crime-infested shithole because of "defund the police".

There's your leftist paradise, right there.

* * *

Related: Why people come to hate the police. Short form: during a traffic stop a guy told the officer that he had a gun in the glove compartment. The gun was 100% legal. The guy was 100% compliant with the police. Problem: gun did not have a magazine in it but there was one round in the chamber.

Asshole cop arrestd him.

* * *

The media deserves to be hated. Remember how people like me were practically screaming, "THEY'RE COMMUNISTS! DON'T BELIEVE THEM! DON'T TRUST THEM! when it came to China's reported COVID-19 statistics?

"CNN exclusive: Vast trove of leaked documents shows China underreported Covid-19 numbers, took weeks to diagnose new cases and didn't disclose a December flu spike in Hubei."

Translation: "Everyone knew China was lying, but it helped us hit at ORANGEMANBAD if we didn't bother reporting on this."

* * *

Well, the Pennsylvania case can hit the Supreme Court, if they decide to take it. It needs to happen. We cannot let the Democrats just disenfranchise half the fucking country because they can't stand to lose an election.

* * *


Harmonic resonance is always interesting to me. Not nearly as bad as "Galloping Gertie", the Tacoma Narrows bridge, but it's still jumping a bit.

Surveyor 2's booster stage comes back to visit Earth. Like many rocket boosters that sent things towards the Moon, it ended up in a solar orbit, and kind of floats around the Sun somewhere in the vicinity of Earth.

Pretty nifty.

* * *

"She talk white!" No, she just was raised by parents who wanted her to be educated.

* * *

Vox Day has been talking about Trump's "cross the Rubicon" moment. We may be coming to that point.

* * *

Will you look at that? This guy made a four-stroke internal combustion engine out of a refrigerator compressor.

Hmm--no provision for cooling it, though, so he can't run it for a very long time. But other than the compressor itself, most of the gear for it is made from, basically, scraps. The battery and ignition system could have come from a wrecked scooter. The "carburator" is a simple bubbler: a jar filled with fuel. Engine vacuum pulls air through a tube which has one end submerged in the fuel. The air bubbles out and up, where it then goes to the intake. This is one way they did it before the invention of the venturi carburator.


* * *

"Short shrift" ended up taking three hours. It's just about 11 PM now.


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