atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7406: Super-cooled is super cool

Lately, when I get a diet Pepsi at work, when I get back to my desk and open it, ice crystals form in the liquid. The liquid is super-cooled. For some reason the temperature in the pop machine is just right, so that with the bottle pressurized, ice won't form, but the instant that pressure is relieved, ice!

The first time it happened, I thought there was foreign matter in the bottle. Nope! Just water cooled beneath 32°F!

Once I took a bottle of peach schnapps out of a freezer after it had been in there a while...and as I watched, it turned into a peach schnappes Slurpee.

I love that kind of thing.

* * *

It's Friday, at last. *sigh*

* * *

Even shown proof of electoral fuckery, Fulton County, Georgia, recertifies their election count that includes TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND FRAUDULENT VOTES FOR BIDEN.

And we have another suspicious death to add to our gripping political thriller. A warning, no doubt, to Georgia Republicans.

The governor of Georgia is a Republican but that hasn't stopped him from trying to go along with the Democrats' attempted theft of the election. Only after VIDEO EVIDENCE OF CHEATING is discovered does he finally order an audit of the voter rolls.

* * *

Amazingly enough, I don't find myself struggling to stay awake at work, and I wake up feeling reasonably refreshed.

CPAP for the win.

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