atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7409: How fast can you pedal?

For $2000, you can turn any bicycle into an electric snow-bike. Replaces the front tire with a ski, the rear tire with a track.

Probably not all that great, though, on mere pedal power. The gearing for the track looks like you're going to be in a very low gear, because it's going to take effort to move all of that while simultaneously propelling you and the bike through snow. A fiver says the battery's not good for very much range, either.

However, if the kit wasn't two thousand frigging dollars (five hundred would be acceptable) I wouldn't mind putting it on a bike with a gasoline motor. That would be entertaining.

I had a fantasy about adapting a mini-bike to run on snow, when I was in high school, but mainly it consisted of putting a really knobby tire on the back and replacing the front tire with a short ski. It would not have worked very well for deep powder but would have been great fun on packed snow. I figure this contraption is basically the same.

Still, a neat idea.

* * *

Tianenmen Square, 1989: look at all the dead protestors, because that's the true face of socialism.

Coming soon to a country near you.

* * *

Well, finally finished reading the entirety of Hayate no Gotoku. Then I caught up with the backlog of other manga that caused me.

Reportedly the guy that drew HnG has another series. Maybe I'll look it up and check it out.

* * *

Yesterday was eaten by locusts. Today is on track to be eaten by locusts. *sigh*

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