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#7410: Well, some progress, anyway.

Minor. But it's progress.

First, I broke out the weather-resistant spackle and spackled the soffet over the tub. It's ready to sand and paint within 4 hours, full cure at 24, so by this time tomorrow it should have hardened completely.

Second, broke out the masking tape and finished masking the master bedroom. So, the next step is to finish sand the walls and wipe them down. After that, paint.

Once the master bedroom is painted it'll be time to put up new curtains in there and rip out the carpeting. That'll be an afternoon, more or less.

Before I remove the carpet, though, I'll bring in the wood for the cupola, sand it, and paint it. I'll need to cut a piece to length with 45° angles, then duplicate it three more times. Tack together and glue it, screw the trim to the base, screw the louvers to the trim, screw the roof to the louvers, screw the weathervane to the roof, then take the whole schmeer up on the housetop and screw it down where it goes.

With that done, sand the soffet over the tub, mask, paint it with the kitchen & bathroom paint. That's like two hours' worth of work, maybe.

And when all of that is done, it'll finally be time to go ahead and work on the water filtration system. It's tight; all I need is a 90° angle 3/4" copper-to-3/4 PEX Sharkbite, then pressure test with that arrangement. Once it's tight, build a manifold for the crawlspace that allows you to isolate the filter without shutting the water off completely. And then comes the bravery test: actually cutting into the pipe that supplies water to the house and installing that manifold. That will be nerve-wracking.

With that done, though, then I can run PEX to and from it, hook the filter up, and off we go: no more rust particles in the water, or at least not nearly as much.

Worst case, if the filter doesn't help (or doesn't help enough) we can add a water softener later on, and then all it needs is a little more PEX. WTF, I have the PEX crimpers, so the sky's the limit.

* * *

I originally suggested doing this because it worked for our washing machine.

'Way back when, Mom stopped washing clothes at home because the water got too rusty. We could wash dark clothes, but anything lighter in color than navy blue inevitably ended up, sooner or later, stained with rust.

A friend's house had a whole-house filter and they didn't have that problem. I suggested it. When it came time to get a new washer, my Dad also bought a whole-house filter and plumbed it in between the cold water tap and the washing machine.

And it worked. We no longer had to fear rusty water; we could wash clothes with impunity. We had to always use cold water, but that's really not such a big deal.

Even better? I've had to change that filter one time since Dad did that, because it was meant for a whole house, not just a washing machine.

Anyway, the water quality in the Fungal Vale has been decreasing, so we needed to do something. If, as I say, the filter turns out not to be enough, we can get a water softener. I hate soft water, but I'll get used to it, I guess.

* * *

Meanwhile, Christmas decorations are going up all over the world, which is nice. Very festive, very pleasant. I've been listening to Christmas music even though I know I should take it easy, because I'll be sick of it by Christmas Day if I don't.

But in so doing I got to hear a really nice version of "How Should a King Come" which is one of the songs I sung with the church choir in 2011.

* * *

I came about this > < close to buying an external DVD drive for...uh...The Computer With No Name, because it doesn't have any 5.25" drive bays. Then I thought, "External BD-R, yeah!!" which would be more expensive and so forth.

Then I thought about all those DVD-R drives I've pulled out of laptops at work. They're SATA. Hey, I have at home a laptop I'm not using!

Pulled the DVD drive from Seiren, the laptop, but it doesn't use the SATA interface.

The ones at work, don't they have standard SATA interfaces on them? If they do, I could use my handy little USB-to-SATA interface to plug one of those in, at least as a temporary measure, until I can decide what kind of external drive to buy. Right?

Wrong! You see, the power connector on those slimline DVD drives is not the standard SATA power connector. It's actually about the same size as the signal cable. So what I would need is an external 5V power supply, and then connect the signal cable the way I normally would. It'd be a huge, inconvenient bodge.

No good. So, back to the drawing board.

I've got an external power supply which can connect to the standard SATA power connector, and could use the USB-to-SATA interface for a 5.25" drive--but that would look very ghetto, sitting on top of the machine.

Also no good.

Guess I need to order one, after all.

* * *

When I first lay down and crank up the CPAP machine, it doesn't quite supply enough air. I turn it on and it ramps up to "4" pretty quickly and stays there. When I wake up, it's at "12" or "14" or thereabouts. (It's not PSI. I don't know what it is.)

I can breathe, but at 4 it's just not quite enough air. It has a setting where you can tell it not to ramp the pressure, and the manual says that's for when you have that "not quite enough" feeling; but turning the ramp function off doesn't change anything. It rises slowly to 4 and stays there. It's much nicer at 12; I suspect 6 would be enough for starters, but I can't change the default pressure. That stuff is set at the clinic when you receive the unit, and it's locked down so you can't change it. But it does raise the pressure, eventually.

So this morning I figured out how and why the thing raises the pressure.

I lay there, looking at the thing, just breathing through my mouth for a bit; and then I took a sudden, sharp breath through my nose. And smiled smugly when I saw the display go 4, 5, 8, then settle down there as I finished inhaling.

It just monitors the pressure in the air hose, and if it sees a very sudden drop after a certain period of no change, it figures the pressure needs to be higher, because "no change" means "no breathing", and it counts that as an episode of sleep apnea.


I still need to get my own machine, but my dance card for the rest of the year is basically full already.

* * * of course on Saturday night I lost a filling. Not a big one, and it doesn't hurt or anything, but I need to get it taken care of ASAP. But I won't have time to get it taken care of before January, I don't think.

I really could not afford to have taken Thursday off; that was a dumb decision. Should have gutted it up and done the five hours I could do rather than take the whole day. Well, woulda-shoulda-coulda; it is what it is. I have enough time off that the holidays won't be a mad dash, but I don't have enough leeway to take time now to go see a dentist, unless it's on a Saturday. Which would, of course, eat into the time I'm trying to use for home improvement!

Friday night I'd intended to come home and mask, and maybe sand. Instead, a trip up and back, which got me home around 8 PM and which left me too worn out to do much more than eat and bloggerate a bit.

Saturday--got up at 10:30 AM but felt kind of flat; despite that I did not want just to go back to bed. And with Mrs. Fungus remaining in bed, I couldn't really do anything that made noise. She slept until mid-afternoon, and I don't blame her at all, but then I needed to cook dinner, and by the time that was all done it was like seven PM.

This is why it takes me so long to get anything done, by the way.

* * *

Finally, it's 10 PM on Sunday, and I need to go to bed in a little while. This week will be more of the same, I think, but that's not too bad, and I can face it with some modicum of optimism. I actually got some stuff done on Wednesday and Friday, and if I can continue that trend I think everything will be okay.

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