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#7411: There is plenty of evidence of vote fraud

Footage of a guy getting angry at a ballot, then removing it from the stack--crumpling it up and throwing it away.

So they tested a Dominion voting machine. They took an equal number of Trump ballots and Biden ballots and ran them through. Now, what you would expect is for the machine to come up with the numbers of ballots you put in. So, say there were 500 of each; you'd expect the count to say 500 for Trump and 500 for Biden. But that is not what the machines said; they said (using our fictional example) that there were 435 votes for Trump and 565 votes for Biden. In other words, using the "algorithm" that is in place, the machine allocated 65 votes that were for Trump instead to Joe Biden. A single vote for Trump was worth 87% of a vote, but a vote for Biden was worth 113% of a vote. But of course that's just a "bonkers conspiracy theory", right?

This, done by the same people who are outraged that slaves only counted as 3/5ths of a person for census purposes.

In Illinois, a vote for the GOP is 87% of a vote. Because Democrats have absolutely no qualms about disenfranchising people who don't vote for them.

The Democrat-Media complex is desperately trying to spin the SMOKING GUN VIDEO showing Democrats pulling out suitcases of fake Biden ballots which had been there since 8 AM. They are "debunking" it with a shitton of bullshit in order to obfuscate the issue.

From the article in the Federalist putting paid to the "debunking":
OK, so on the one hand you have sworn affidavits from observers saying that supervisors told ballot counters to go home for the evening shortly after 10 p.m. and a video showing everyone leaving en masse at that time. And on the other hand, you have two government officials promising that no one was told that counting was over.
Let those government officials sign sworn affidavits--thus opening themselves to charges of perjury if they are lying--attesting to their version of the event. I've got five bucks that says they won't get anywhere near a sworn affidavit attesting to that, because they are lying.

This lays out all the known fraud that took place in the presidential election.

They got some Dominion machines from Michigan too.

Trump won by a landslide and Biden never had a chance.

By the way, what would Trump "crossing the Rubicon" look like?
Days after former national security adviser (NSA) Mike Flynn asked the president to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law and have the military hold a new poll, the latter’s nominee for a top post in the Pentagon has come up with a similar thought.

Scott O'Grady, nicknamed 'Zulu', has compared the election to a 'coup' and echoed the president's claim that he won by a 'landslide', even though the GOP leader has lost to Democrat Joe Biden by a decent gap. O'Grady, a former air force pilot whose jet was gunned down by a Russian missile in Bosnia in 1995, has been picked by Trump for the post of assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs.

In a tweet posted on November 25, O'Grady said "Trump won & Biden & his Comrades will now attempt a coup". O'Grady's Twitter account, which uses the handle @ZuluF16, is a protected one with the tweets not readily accessible.

On Wednesday, December 2, he retweeted an account that shared an article saying Flynn had shared a petition that called for martial law. O'Grady retweeted the same account which suggested Trump should announce martial law. The petition O'Grady retweeted also called for the army to oversee a revote of the election.
From here, there are two things that can happen.

1) Biden is sworn in. Cue the sovialist takeover of the USA. Say goodbye to your civil rights.

They will come for our guns before 2024 and "hate speech" (basically, anything said by a right-winger) will be banned. That way, they can steal the 2024 election by Venezuelan margins and no one will be allowed to say "boo" about it.

Very probably a lot of right-wingers will be jailed or sent to concentration camps. Count on it.

2) Trump "crosses the Rubicon" and the election is held again. If he does that, the antifa, Burn-Loot-Murder, and all the rest of the left's shock troops will come out in force. It will make the summer rioting look like a birthday party.

Note that in neither case are we spared "interesting times". The only two questions are "How severe?" and "For how long?" In the latter case, it's months. In the former, decades.

The right wing isn't saying "cross the Rubicon" lightly.
They were going to come after him, he knew, with the full legal apparatus of the state should he give up power. He knew this. They had told him as much. They hated his fame and popularity; they hated his bestselling books where he boasted of his accomplishments.

But it wasn't just him, it was his family. He knew that they would take legal action against his family, try to take every bit of his money. They meant to ruin him.

He didn't want to do it, but they had forced his hand. He would call for an insurrection to take power so that his enemies couldn't pervert the law to use against him, to use against his family. In the end, was there really a choice? He would take unprecedented action, because the politics in his country were ruined as it was.
Trump? Or Julius Caesar? Actually, this vignette is about Caesar...but it's eerily similar to what will happen to Trump if Biden is sworn in. The Democrats have said as much. They don't want just to defeat Trump, to get him out of office, but to ruin him, his family, and everyone associated with him. Their hatred is visceral and psychotic.

This is what Democrats do when they are still beholden to the Bill of Rights. Based entirely on ascientific garbage, they've done their best to ruin the economy solely because they hate Trump and everyone who voted for him.

Given that we know the Democrats have tried to steal the election--and keep doubling down on it, doing things like shredding voting machines and ballots and deleting data and-and-and--I don't see a path forward where the right wing just stands down.
There are some people who are stunned at the idea that we might have a fraudulently elected president. I am in that category. Why? The idea that one of the last bastions against tyranny, the ballot box, is gone leaves Americans with few methods to redress their grievances. What are we supposed to do next time, vote harder?

But the idea that the presidency, the crown jewel of political power in the world can be sold is intolerable to many. Intolerable means simply that--cannot be tolerated. If the office can be openly stolen once, it can be openly stolen in the future.
Uh, not just "can be", but will be. It's absolutely 100% certain that if the Democrats get away with stealing the election this time, they will set things up so that they cannot lose future elections. Pack the Supreme Court so that any challenges to elections will fail (in their favor) and they can then do whatever the hell they want, and call it "legal", because after all the Democrat majority in Congress and the Senate passed the bill, and the Democrat President signed it into law. With statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, giving us four more Democrat Senators in perpetuity, and a Supreme Court packed with Marxists, no Democrat law will fail to pass, nor will any law they pass ever be declared unconstitutional, and they'll find all kinds of "emanations and penumbras" to ban guns and free speech and religion and whatever else they want to ban.

You know, when Hitler sent German Jews to the concentration camps, that was "legal". Lenin keeping seed from the Kulaks in the Ukraine was "legal". When Roosevelt put Americans of Japanese descent into concentration camps, that was "legal". Slavery was "legal" prior to 1865. Jim Crow laws were "legal".

I am telling you: THIS WILL HAPPEN. THIS WILL HAPPEN if the Democrats are allowed to get away with this shit.

Rotten Chestnuts is more optimistic than I am.
There's a strong possibility we're overreacting here.

2016 shows us how the Left acts when they believe they're holding all the cards. The only reason they didn't pull this shit back then was because they truly believed they didn't need to. They spent most of October 2016 divvying up the spoils... and plotting how to best shank each other once Herself was crowned. The Night of the Long Knives, retard version, was scheduled for about three weeks after inauguration day. They would've fallen on each other like a pack of starving dogs.

The other heartening thing is the obvious composition of Harris's cabinet--POCs, strong wahmens, trannies, and assorted other freakazoids as far as the eye can see. Yeah yeah, they hate us, but...just look at them. They're as incompetent as they are angry, as lazy as they are dumb. [These] POCs are droolingly stoopid, their ideology having shorted out whatever few brain cells they once had. And they're the smart ones compared to the strong wahmens, who as we all know couldn't organize a two-car parade without needing some man to come in and bail them out....

In other words, I look at Biden's cabinet and I see the English Department of a third-rate community college. Same as it ever was. We've been here before, y'all. Yeah, they hate us, and it's going to really suck if you find yourself in their crosshairs, but I'm betting venality, narcissism, idiocy, and idiotic narcissistic venality win out in the end.
The problem is that the people on Biden's cabinet won't be the ones calling the shots.

Let me ask you: who elected Biden to be the Democrat party nominee?

Voting was going hard for Bernie Sanders until, suddenly, it made an abrupt turn and everything turned up Biden. Suspiciously enough, just in time for Biden to get the nomination, he suddenly got really popular with Democrat voters. Bernie stopped winning, and Biden started.

Who made that call? I can guarantee you that whoever it was, that is who will be calling the shots. (Also, I'd bet that if we had the ability to go back in time and do a forensic examination on the voting machines used in the primaries, they'd have "algorithms" in them that made a vote for Biden worth 113% of a vote, and a vote for Bernie onlu 87% of a vote....)

The Democrat party has never liked having to campaign. As I was saying the other day, they cannot win elections without lying, cheating, and stealing. They don't want to win votes; they just want to win elections, because the point of power is power and they hate being beholden to people they regard as inferior to them, to the point of considering them sub-human.

To them, that justifies their hypocrisy. Like the Representative from Little Somalia selling secrets to Iran. That doesn't get prosecuted, of course. The FBI can spend four years investigating the President over made-up bullshit, but it won't lift a finger to investigate actual foreign collusion.

A Chicago alderman runs a restaurant, and keeps it open, at a time when all other restaurants are closed down by mayoral order. It's just too bad for those little shit proles, you know, whose lives depend on keeping their businesses open. They should have been powerful Democrat machine politicians! Then they could have kept their restaurants open without any fear of repercussion! All he has to do, once he's found out, is to say, "Gee, I'm sorry! I fucked up! Gee, what was I thinking?" No one will be fined or go to jail. You try that as a regular prole, though, and you'll find out how quickly you lose your business license and get slapped with prohibitive fines.

Second City Cop is the originator of the story and he wonders if the aldercritter has been submitting tax receipts? Or has he been running it entirely under the table, thus depriving the city of its cut?

"At least, SCC says, "the aldercreature has a six-figure part time job to fall back on."

Yep. Being a Chicago alderman must be so tough.

Hypocrisy, lying, stealing, cheating, doing everything they can do to get money and power. That's Democrats for you!

* * *

"Chicago Teachers Union" claimed that reopening schools now would be sexist, racist, and misogynist. Of course, the tweetle was deleetle after normal people saw that bullshit and reacted negatively.

Even Franklin Delano "The Socialist" Roosevelt knew that allowing public employees to unionize was a bad idea, and that was in the 1930s FFS.

* * *

I don't think he's wrong. I'm just not sure he's right, either.

Technology always improves. Okay, we used to call the medieval era "the Dark Ages" because we thought technological advance was stalled, and so much was lost with the fall of the Roman Empire. Prevailing theory was that if Rome had not fallen, if the pace of technological progress had not been stilled, where would we be today?

Except, of course, people kept living and kept trying to find better ways to do things. The result was that progress kept going on, and people kept inventing things. The Renaissance happened because certain critical technologies, and certain critical modes of thought, all got together at the right place and the right time, leading to the technological explosion of the Renaissance and then the Industrial Revolution.

Simple fact that you can use a desktop computer to do the job that you once required a mainframe to do. The video card in my still-unnamed computer has more processing power than a Cray Y-MP; you don't need "big iron" to do big jobs any longer--and haven't for quite a while, in fact. The only reason we still do? Inertia. And change always comes.
We are at the end of a technology cycle that began in the 1960s, driven by Moore's Law. Hardware got twice as fast and half as expensive every two years, so software could get fatter and more inefficient and still work great.

That world has changed. We are about at the end of the road for engraving chips any smaller, otherwise electrons jump around and screw up everything. Stuff is not getting faster or cheaper; it is going the other way. [link redacted]

The disruption coming to software is on par with the development of the cell phone, the graphical user interface, and the personal computer.

There are software technologies in production now, just entering the mainstream enabling a major corporate application to be rewritten in a quarter, run 1,000 to a million times faster, on hardware you can hold in your hand.
The one exception I would take to that passage is "Stuff is not getting faster or cheaper." There are reasons why it is still getting both faster and cheaper.

First off, we haven't hit the end of Moore's Law just yet. The time frames are getting a bit longer (18 months has become two years) but the increases are still there. Let's face it: AMD is eating Intel's lunch because Intel is stuck on using a 14 nm process while AMD is using a process half that size. AMD makes a processor which is both faster, and more power-efficient, than Intel's premier desktop processor...and it's cheaper.

The one saving grace in this article is that Windows won't run on these Apple processors. (At least, not yet.) I also don't think that Apple's path forward is going to be quite the cakewalk that article forecasts. Apple must not just beat Intel, but AMD, and AMD is not resting on its laurels.

In fact, the prediction made by that article was made about twenty-five years ago, when PowerPC Macintoshes first hit the market. The PowerPC was going to eat Intel alive and Macs would become the fastest computers available!

Didn't happen. Apple finally ditched PowerPC processors...for Intel.

* * *

China just finished building the biggest single-aperture radio telescope in the world and in Puerto Rico, "the Arecibo radio telescope collapses from lack of funding and maintenance."

Aricebo was 305 meters across. The Chinese one is 500 meters.

But "make America great again" is fighting words and we all need to hang our heads in shame for being born white.

* * *

I, too, liked Midway. I actually like both the 1970s version and the more recent movie. I don't recommend it "with reservations" but wholeheartedly. I really liked it.

* * *

So, my DVD reading woes got a bit better: I ordered a cable which plugs into laptop optical drives at one end, and a USB port at the other. That'll do, for now.

* * *

I did not get anything done tonight, except for this blog post. I am not happy about that.


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