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#7413: ALMOST only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Well, everything worked except the landing. Today SpaceX shot a Starship into the air, and it landed where intended...too hard. Boom.

Successfully launching rockets is hard. Successfully launching rockets and then landing them, intact, is even harder. SpaceX makes it look easy, but it's not.

This flight was picture-perfect until the last couple of seconds, when it became obvious that the thing was coming in way too fast and wasn't boosting hard enough to stop before it hit the ground. Because of that, I'm calling that flight a huge win for SpaceX, not just because I'm a big fan of their efforts, but because this really was a huge win for them. The thing just needs to start braking thrust sooner.

So, Starship SN8 blew up, but I'd bet SpaceX already knows why it blew up, and SN9 will probably repeat the same flight and not blow up. At least, not for the same reason.

Yep: Elon Musk twittled the following: "Fuel header tank pressure was low during landing burn, causing touchdown velocity to be high & RUD, but we got all the data we needed! Congrats SpaceX team hell yeah!!"

* * *

The same douchebag who talked about how gun owners will have to give up their guns because the government has nuclear weapons turns out to have been passing secrets to the Chinese for quite some time. That's not what anyone is saying, of course. It's my OPINION that he cannot have been sexing up a positively identified Chinese "honey pot", who was also a campaign contributions "bundler", without there being some kind of payoff in it for her.

Everyone is shocked! Shocked! to learn that the Chinese are spying on us, wholesale. And at the very end of the post, an apt warning in the form of the biggest butcher in history, Mao himself: "You do realize that we have no use for 95+% of your people, other than as sex toys and agricultural supplements."

And no, it's no surprise at all that prominent Democrats are in bed (literally in this case!) with Chinese spies.

* * *

The theft of the 2020 election:

A quadrillion is a one followed by fifteen zeros, then a decimal point. A million is ten to the sixth power. A billion is ten to the ninth power. A quadrillion is ten to the fifteenth power. Okay? There are a thousand times more millions in a quadrillion than there are thousands in a billion!

The chances of Biden ekeing out a win after being so far behind at 3 AM on November fourth is a one divided by ten to the fifteenth power. Absent the wholesale Democrat vote fraud, there was a 0.0000000000001% chance Biden could win from where he stood at 3 AM on 11/4/20.

Him doing it four times means you're taking ten to the fifteenth and multiplying it by itself four times. 10154 is ten to the sixtieth power.

So Biden's chances of winning the election were:


...which is so staggeringly improbable you could use it to avoid all that tedious mucking about in hyperspace, almost.

Meanwhile, Googe is warning people that if they publish any "election fraud" videos on YouTube, they'll be kickbanned forthwith. Because the left can't stand opposing views.

But, eighteen states have joined with Texas in its lawsuit against PA, WI, MI, and GA. And the Supreme Court is going to hear the case.

Just, whatever you do, don't mention it on YouTube.

* * *

This communist is only being punished because she jumped the gun. Democrats are 100% on board with everything this woman said; it's just that she said it too soon. They can't start talking about that until after Biden is inaugurated.

Here we have another take on this story and as a bonus, Swallowwell's threat to use nuclear weapons on gun owners.

But Linda Fox, over at Liberty's Torch, blockquotes something that I think is important:
The small creature comforts tip the scales in the end. And those are being strangled by the fools who benefit most from them. The accumulation of one-thousand slights adds up over time. Every cruel cut and overreach remembered--until no amount of escapism, avoidance and appeasement can suppress the anger. Particularly when the left's cultists have made those avenues deliberately unbearable.
By taking away work and the ability to earn a living and the ability to enjoy activities outside the home--with the COVID-19 lockdowns--the left has managed to give millions of Americans plenty of spare time to contemplate the whichness of why...and their thinking is nowhere nearly monolithically "oh please help us, Uncle Sugar!" A vast percentage of those millions are saying, "Sit down, shut the fuck up, and let me go back to work, you asshats!"

And they are not amused when they see hypocritical Democrat politicians exempting themselves from their own lockdowns.

The COVID-19 bullshit is bad enough, but for them to then use it to steal the presidential election? It is not going to sit will with the average American, and if the Democrats think that they can spin their way out of this, they'd best think again. They cannot.

They can compel compliance on the coasts, and probably in much of the country to the east of the Mississippi river--but once you're in the great plains all bets are off. And the American military forces--even if you hand every man Jack and woman Jill a gun and tell them to go put down the rebellion--will not be able to compel compliance, either.

And Swallowwell's idiocy about using nuclear weapons? Don't make me laugh. That would be the greatest strategic blunder in history.

* * *

I'll bet that it has to be maintained in this state. The "great desert of Maine" is forty acres of sandlot. But if it is not maintained, then what will happen is that--little by little--greenery will reclaim it.

It's been a tourist trap since 1925. If it were not maintained, plants would have returned to it long ago. The process why which land is reclaimed by the wild takes years, not decades--and certainly not centuries.

The place is surrounded on three sides by forest, for crying out loud.

* * *

The entirety of the Hollywood machine is mad at Warner Media for pulling the plug on its movie releases. The movie business is going to change. Probably well past time for that to happen, too.

* * *

One thing I've noticed is that since I started using the CPAP machine, I don't get nearly as tired at work as I was before. It really is amazing to me.

My wife says I don't snore at all with it--big surprise--and last night I slept six hours straight before my bladder woke me up...and even then, I ended up falling asleep again, to be awakened by the alarm clock. And I, in general, just feel a lot more relaxed than I have for quite a while.

So of course I need to go to the doctor's office and (probably) take a sleep test in order to get a prescription for one of my own--and isn't that a crock? It's not a drug; it's just an air pump. It's not like it makes any changes to your anatomy or anything. All it does is maintain a certain pressure in your nasal cavity. Why do I need a prescription for one?

Because if I could just go to WalMart and pick one out from a shelf full of units made by Remington and Philips and WaterPik and Sunbeam and-and-and, there'd be no percentage in it for anyone. The people who make these units would have to compete on cost, and would probably not be able to stay in business.

...but ranting about how the medical profession works to keep its prices artificially high is beyond the scope of this document.

* * *

Well, the interface cable arrived, and once I plugged in a laptop DVD drive, it showed up. That'll do until I can stomach paying $YEECH for a BD-R drive.

...there are some quite nice BluRay writable drives which can also read DVDs and CDs, but they cost more than $100. That's not a huge problem but it's going to have to wait until the new year.

Today I got some of the skinny on what's going on vis-a-vis the impending sale of the plant. I'm not privy to any details but there hasn't been a sale yet, and even if contracts were inked tomorrow, it would take something like three years before I'd even have to think about cleaning out my desk.

If-and-when, I will be moving to my nearest off-site, and that will become my home location. I lose my nice office (I'll probably be sharing a trailer) but I don't lose my short commute, so that's okay. But that doesn't happen until after there's a transition period, probably during which I'll be expected to train whoever is the IT guy from the new owner. (That's if the new owner didn't offer me the job, but I don't think I'd take it.)

So--won't be worrying about that one for a while, I think.

* * *

But! Christmas Eve is now a mere two weeks away. This weekend will probably be "Christmas tree" weekend, and then we'll be festooning the conifer and decking the halls and all that jolly stuff.

That is a pleasant feeling.

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