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#7415: But the truth remains.

Quoth Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones, "When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar. You're only telling the world that you fear what he might say."

YouTube obviously fears those who are posting videos about the theft of the election.

...turns out that Wayne County, MI, has over 174,000 absentee ballots which cannot be connected to registered voters. I have a nickel that says the majority of them are for Biden. And guess what?

Biden won Michigan by about 154,000 votes. If those spurious absentee ballots are indeed mostly for Biden, then he just lost Michigan.

The state of Michigan, by the way, reportedly "cannot explain" the discrepancy.

"It's pretty clear already that Texas has both the facts and the law on its side."

PN, MI, WI, and GA answered the suit, mostly complaining that TX doesn't have "standing" to sue them for trying to steal the presidential election for Joe Biden.

...egad. The Supreme Court agreed with that argument.

Well, it's official: we no longer live in a representative republic. It's now perfectly hunky dory for Democrats to steal whatever elections they want to, because no one will stop them.

By making this decision, the Supreme Court has disenfranchised millions of voters. They've decided that it's absolutely fine for a Republican vote to count only as 87% of a vote, or indeed whatever Democrat election officials decide it's worth. They have no problem with states changing their election laws willy-nilly, whenever they want to, as long as the state court gives the change its imprimatur.

It's no longer "government of the people, by the people, for the people." It's all up to whoever runs the voting machines now, and the people have no recourse.

Quoth Ace:
The Court has no discretion to not take the case. The Constitution says they must take it.

But whatever, I guess the Constitution is a tax now or something.

Deep State gotta Deep State.
Ace titled the post, "Supreme Court Cites Bullshit Dodge "Lack of Standing" to Dismiss Texas Case".

Vox Day says, "Supreme Court declines its duty."

It's explicitly spelled out in the Constitution, but by declaring Texas not to have any standing (not even on "equality under the law" issues) they've pretty well sidestepped having to rule on any of these cases, with the result that Joe Biden will be our 46th president for fifteen minutes and then Kamala Harris will be number 47.

Actually--what I expect them to do is to do everything they can to keep Biden in office until 2023. Somewhere I saw this prediction, and it made sense. You see, if Harris starts being president in 2023, then she serves out less than half of Biden's term, and is eligible to run for two terms. So all the Democrats have to do is mandate that the hastily-renamed Dominion machines be used all over the country and she'll be president from sometime in 2023 through 2032--just about a decade.

And as much as I hate it, I'm afraid that 2016 was indeed the last even remotely honest election we had in this country. Going forward they will all be for show, as free and fair as any election in Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea or China, because the Supreme Court has just declared that they are not going to do anything to prevent it. Democracy has just expired.

Even worse, though, our freedoms will also expire in the Harris Decade. Expect gun control to come back in full force, including registration and then confiscation. The government response to COVID-19 demonstrates how freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of movement will all go away. You will be forced to take whatever vaccinations the government mandates. You will be forced to give up fossil fuels. In ten years we'll all be freezing in the dark.

Our government has just plainly stated that it doesn't care what the people say, or what they vote for. As long as the Democrats can produce the right number of ballots--real or fake--no one is going to stop them, or even require them to prove that they actually received a majority of the actual, true ballots that were cast by eligible voters.


* * *

The path forward just got a lot messier.
Somehow, a system that was supposed to allow for regular pressure relief is now operating like a pressure cooker. Every move by the political class results in a greater degree of public agitation with them. This in turns results in more foolish responses from the political class. Liberal democracy in America appears to be in a death spiral inevitably leading to what appears to be a violent conclusion.
I don't know what's going to happen next but I know I'm not going to like it.

* * *

Things may not be quite that dire but I honestly don't see what can stop this.

* * *

The Chicago Teachers' Union wants to keep on getting paid for doing nothing, or next to nothing.

* * *

Fuck you, North Face. They "don't support" the oil and gas industry? Wouldn't it be nice if the oil and gas industry could decide not to support North Face? Where do they think the fuel that runs their trucks comes from?
The mind numbing thing about this is that the best selling TNF products are 100% polypropylene and nylon, which are synthetic polymers that come from petroleum distillates.

Maybe the oil and gas industry should reciprocate. Leave them to make winter gear out of vegan hemp.

Fuck 'em, their shit is overpriced anyway.
Yeah. Yeah.

* * *

"The Illinois Department of Public Health says that they've performed 11,481,848 tests for COVID (as of Thursday afternoon)."

The population of Illinois is 12.67 million.

And in that article is a screencap of a twittle message which says taht the COVID-19 survival rate for people aged 0-19 is 99.997%, which is my favorite way of saying "almost entirely" thanks to the crappy movie Manhattan Project.

If you're my age, the survival rate is 99.5%.

Anyway, the post goes on to talk about how much the media is lying about the pandemic, because hospitals aren't choked with patients and the morgues aren't full of dead bodies.

* * *

The LEGO Colosseum. 9,036 pieces, 21 hours to build it. Holy crap. (A YouTube video but I'm not in the mood to embed it.)

* * *

Took nine hours to make that bootable flash drive.

For grins I took a spare SDD, hooked it up to the machine, and made a second one. That took eleven minutes.


The disparity between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 is not that great. I still think the program sucks.

* * *

The rule with President Trump (he is the last one I will capitalize the title for, as he is the last legitimately-elected one we'll ever have) is to wait two days after each bomb drops. I don't know if every legal option has yet been exhausted, and it is merely my natural pessimism at government which leads me to expect that, with this decision, the Supreme Court effectively announced that they will not be hearing any cases relating to the election, and therefore awarded the win to Joe Biden.

But the future I see from here is not clear and bright, but dark and murky.

I will never be able to cast another vote in any election with the expectation that my vote matters. Casting a vote will always come with this thought: Well, I've spoken...unless the Democrats have decided I don't get to.

Democrat operatives in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia have rendered my vote moot. It only matters if they let it; if they decide there's an election they need to win, they can invalidate it any damn way they please.

I am no longer a free man; I'm a subject--a serf--a slave to the Democrat party. They have succeded in seizing total control of the United States.

"Oh, Fungus, you're being melodramatic! You're still free! You can still speak your mind and go to the church of your choosing and--"

That's just it: I CANNOT.

If I speak my mind on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter, I get deplatformed. My church is closed because of an over-wrought cold virus, so no, I may not go to the church of my choice. (That, by the way, was a unilateral decision by the governor of Illinois.) I have to wear a mask to go grocery shopping; I'm not free to take whatever risk I want with my own health.

Admittedly, for the moment, it is a very soft tyranny indeed; but do not let that fool you. A country which is not allowed to elect the leaders of its choosing is not a free country; it is a mass of slaves.

And the instant that it no longer serves the interests of the Democrat party, that soft living will end, and the iron fist will descend on all of us.

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