atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7419: Let's cut through this nonsense right now

Any theory which starts with the premise that the universe is impossible, and can't exist, is worthless. "The universe as we currently understand it may not be allowed to exist--at least according to the cosmological model of string theorists."

Then there is something wrong with that model.

In the movie Creator, Mellie is talking to some philosophers and she asks them, "Why don't you start with the premise that you don't exist, and see where that gets you?" They all give indulgent chuckles at her ignorance of their field, but of course she's right and they're wrong.

If there is enough of a universe that sentient life evolves in it and starts wondering how the thing is put together, you can safely assume that any theory which says that universe is impossible is a non-starter.

* * *

Ultimate Tuna Salad sandwiches for dinner tonight. Delicious, even though we're still out of lemon juice.

* * *

A pretty nice, low-key evening in the bunker. My desk chair broke again, but since the maker's response to my warranty claim was to send two seats I was able to fix it. I can't lean back at present because I found that the right-side arm has a crack in it. I was going to fill the crack with epoxy, but the hardener got hard and wouldn't come out of the tube, so I need to go get more epoxy. I'll do that tomorrow--I need to hit the grocery store for a couple sundries anyway.

* * *

So I was writing this post and totally forgot I was running some errands on Ormus in WoW.

Maybe it's time for bed. Heh.

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