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#7420: It's called a "plea bargain". Look it up.

Just saw something annoying and stupid over at Imgur. ACLU crowing about how they've sued Orange County, California, into releasing half its prison population.

That sounds lovely, doesn't it? Just letting go half of the criminals who are locked up because they committed crimes? But it gets better.

Some anus commented that "98% are in there without a trial."

I sincerely doubt that statistic, for many reasons, but the main one is that there are plenty of perfectly valid reasons for someone to be in jail "without a trial".

1) When you are first arrested, you're not released from jail until you've been arraigned and a bail set. You are held in jail "without a trial". Because the first steps of your prosecution need to occur first. You're allowed to leave if you make bail, because bail is meant to be a guarantee to the government that you will return for your trial. (Reducing bail to negligible amounts is therefore counterproductive, by the way.)

2) If you do not make bail, then you are held in jail "without a trial" because you are accused of committing a crime and the penal system wants to make sure you will be present at your trial. People who jump bail are fugitives from justice.

3) In the course of your prosecution, it is likely that the district attorney will offer you a deal: plead guilty to a lesser charge. He gets the conviction, you serve less time than you otherwise would have. It skips all the messy trial business, too. You therefore get put in jail "without a trial". This is called a "plea bargain" and they are a staple of our criminal justice system. It's not inaccurate to say that most cases are handled this way, and it saves a great deal of everyone's time and money.

Of course, the writer's intent here is for readers to think that "without a trial" means the inmates are just summarily locked up without any procedure or due process, thus denying them their civil rights--usually because they're not white.

It's very misleading; but then, that's all the left can do. Certainly they cannot tell the truth about the penal statistics of the United States, because doing so would undermine half the stupid and evil shit they do.

* * *

Well, it's going to be a chilly week; but it looks like forties during Christmas week, which means GREEN CHRISTMAS and I'm not entirely certain I mind.

Here's the thing: on Christmas Day, if I'm not going anywhere, I hardly look outside at all, anyway. I'm too busy. Cooking turkey etc, rejoicing with my wife, tending the fireplace, etcetera. So if we don't have a White Christmas, it's really not going to have much of an effect on me.

Nice thing about this holiday season, though? Two four-day weekends in a row. Win.

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