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#7427: Whatever they spilled, it hurt my nose

Went to get a Pepsi from the machine in the lunchroom, and as I walked into the old part of the building BANG I ran into an epic stinkbubble. It smelled like rancid garlic and it instantly gave me a sick headache, just from walking through the room next to the lunchroom.

There are a couple of really, really nasty chemicals they use there, but for LOC (loss of containment) events with those, they sound the evacuation alarm, and everyone GTFO of the building. Just smelling them is really bad for you, and one of them makes your eyes water like crazy--and if you're crying, it's already too late.

Anyway no one sounded any alarms even though this stuff smelled bad enough that no one in that part of the building could have missed smelling it unless they had the worst head cold in history, so I'm assuming it was probably just really stinky and not otherwise harmful. I generally don't have reactions to strong chemical smells--a lot of them I actually like, particularly some of the organic solvents--but there are a small handful that hit me right in the olfactory bulb, then drill straight back into my brain. This was one of them.

Anyway, I'm still imagining that I'm smelling it. That's how bad it was.

* * *

40% of the staff at a Chicago hospital refuse the vaccine. "Who wants to be a guinea pig?"

If you want to know how to react to a disease, watch how people in the medical field do. Not the high-up political jerkoffs like Fauci, but the ones down in the trenches who are actually treating the disease.

* * *

I like how "Fatass" Pritzker is blaming Republicans for the budget problems in Illinois.
Republicans haven't had a majority in either chamber since when? Rauner had to "compromise" with dem majorities his entire tenure and then got blamed for Madigan refusing to even pass a budget to veto for years. And it isn't the Right shutting down the State economy via Executive Orders.
Republicans did not cause the Illinois budget shitshow. That's entirely on Illinois Democrats. And Mike Madigan, who's basically run the legislature as a personal feif since time immemorial.

* * *

You can see how white people who are charged with gun crimes are treated in the city of Chicago. Now, if Shawn Kimbrough were a black gangbanger with an extensive record, he would have been released on his own recognizance, or maybe with an electronic monitor. Because he appears to be a white man who rarely breaks the law in any serious way, though, the authorities WILL MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF HIM!

* * *

This is how thoroughly China owns our so-called "elites".

* * *

This is the problem with being an unpublished writer. You have to be published before you can get published, but if you write your characters the way you want to write them, why, you're not going to sell very many books to anyone in the traditional publishing world.

* * *

It's my opinion that the deep state has something major on John Roberts that keeps him in line. Whatever Roberts did, it's so bad that if it got out, it would ruin him completely and instantly.

The deep state likes it that way. Why do you think they're all pedophiles and sexual harassers and-and-and? It's not just because they think that the orgasm is the do-all-be-all of human existence, but because that way they get the goods on everyone...and they are then that much easier to control.

FFS that's what Jeffrey Epstein's function was. He was there specifically to collect dirt on prominent people--and when it looked like he was going to spill the beans, the deep state had him whacked so he couldn't.

* * *

Thirty years after the end of X-Files "...[W]e can only dream of a government competent enough to cover up contact with extraterrestrials."

* * *

One week until Christmas Eve, and there's no vignette. The idea I thought I had won't work; the backup idea I was toying with is even less interesting, and won't work either.

I wanted to write some comedy, but now I'm leaning towards taking whatever I can get.


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