atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7428: 72 cookies

About 72 peanut butter cookies--six dozen!--from the recipe I use. Maybe next time I'll remember to make a half batch of the stuff. Geeze louise.

* * *

Annoying day at work, followed by too many chores at home.

...came home, had a PBJ, then wrapped the post light and the porch columns with one string of LED lights each. Came inside and unclogged the bathroom sink, pulling out a huge wad of hair with the snake--first time I ever actually unclogged a drain with a snake, by the way. I have no idea why or how so much long hair got in there, but I got it out, and then let the faucet run with both taps wide open while I cleaned up the mess from the battle...and it didn't back up at all.

Had a bit of a rest, then started baking cookies about the time Mrs. Fungus got home. Had dinner (McDonald's) and then continued my work.

She went to bed after 9 and I kept on going. Washed dishes, tidied the kitchen, put away the boxes of Christmas decorations that we're not using this year, and took the ladder back to the garage.

Finished about 11:30-ish.

We're thinking about getting tires put on Mrs. Fungus' car tomorrow, and I've been meaning to get over to Menards to buy my annual O-scale railroad car. Going to look for a covered hopper car this time, because the near offsite (which makes silica) ships some of their product in those. (The tank car, by the way, has sat on my desk all year.)

* * *

Need to come up with a Christmas vignette soon.

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