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#7429: The question is, is the signal modulated?

"Mysterious signal from Proxima Centauri! And they wait until the tenth paragraph to say it: "the signal bears no trace of modulation".

There's no point to sending an unmodulated signal. Even Sputnik, built with 1950s Soviet technology, sent beeps rather than an unmodulated radio signal. Just turning the signal on and off counts as "modulation" and this doesn't appear even to do that. When they detect it, it's a monotonic radio frequency. They call that a carrier wave, and it's what you get when a radio station is broadcasting silence.

--there is one point to sending an unmodulated signal, now that I think of it: as a generalized distress beacon. Say you crash-land on a remote island in the Pacific ocean, and you've got enough junk left from your crash that you can build a transmitter, but no way to modulate it. Just sending a reasonably powerful radio signal is enough for people to say, "Gee, what is with that radio signal?" But again, if you can build a transmitter from stuff you got from a wrecked airplane, then you can probably figure out a way to key the carrier wave on and off.

If this is a radio signal and not some natural phenomenon, it's not primitive experimentation with radio, because the first radio transmissions from Earth were spark-gap ones, which are essentially intermittent radio white noise. When humans figured out how to generate radio waves at specific freqencies, they were low frequencies--kilohertz, tens of kilohertz--not close to a gigahertz as this one is.

Okay: an airless world, blasted by frequent solar flares, in all probability there's some kind of feature which naturally resonates at that frequency when a solar flare hits it just right. Maybe the planet has a strong magnetosphere and the signal comes from some freak coronal mass ejection. There are a million things more likely than aliens sending an unmodulated signal.

* * *

Burn-Loot-Murder are not exactly covering themselves with glory but I'd expect that, considering that the entire marxist paradigm has no shame whatsoever in coopting any event to further its aims.

If the people go to a funeral, politicize the funeral. If they go to a ball game, politicize the ball game. If they go to the grocery store--the bathroom--wherever the people go, politicize it, because there is no activity which is off-limits for them.

Ruining a festive occasion with their leftist horseshit is even better when it's part of a Christian holiday. If there is anything that the left loves, it is to take a runny shit all over any occasion that makes people happy, or which benefits anyone other than the leftist cause.

The left hates it when people are happy. You can't do anything with happy people; they won't march and demand change if they're happy. Once you're securely in power, you still don't want the people to be happy, because it's impossible for you ever to be happy and you don't see why anyone else should get to be. When you're a leftist, you enjoy the feeling of power it gives you, to make sure everyone else is as miserable as you are.

* * *

These teachers don't care about remaining employed. No, I'm serious, they don't. An elite private school which actually teaches useful things to its students, that's something that must be destroyed, because of "fairness". The teachers would then, of course, apply to other schools, and would list the support of the "woke" causes that ruined this school as pluses on their resumes. "Took part in supporting fairness and equity in education" and conveniently leave out how that shit led to the entire school going to hell.

When leftists destroy a functioning institution, regardless of its purpose, they're proud of what they've done.

More thought on that theme.

* * *

Thanks to the Internet, financial transactions can be done from anywhere, and you don't need to go to a building on Wall Street to do business. So why pay the exorbitant New York City taxes? Why live there and pay out the ass for housing? Why deal with the filth and crime and traffic and-- When you could live anywhere else in the country and earn just as much money?

* * *

So, heard the good news? Gilette is hemorrhaging money since they extruded that "woke" horseshit about toxic masculinity.

Myself, I've carefully eschewed using as many Proctor and Gamble personal care products as I possibly can, which--it so happens--was not much of a stretch, since the only P&G product I used, other than Gilette razors, was Crest. Well, there are other toothpastes out there and the one I moved to--AquaFresh--actually tends to cost less than Crest does. Tossed my Gilette razor handle and bought me a Harry's razor, which has the added benefit of costing a crapton less money for the same quality of shave.

The people running Gilette (into the ground) are claiming it's because of COVID-19 ("people aren't shaving as much!") and not because they took great pains to insult their customer base. Strangely, though, the "shaving products" division of P&G is the only one that's hemorrhaging money, almost as if people--rather than having less occasion to engage in personal care--simply stopped buying so many Gilette products.

Well, of course, the people running Gilette can't say to their superiors, "Yeah, that ad campaign, insulting our customers, that turned out to be a really bad idea. Blew our minds completely! I mean, whoa! Totally unexpected outcome." They'd get fired.

* * *

Well, today is Saturday. I have some things to do, of course.

Thought I might bake the pecan crescents today. Of course, that means I'll have to get out the food processor again, the one I finally put away last night (after getting it out on Thanksgiving).

I just went and had a gander at the employee payroll site for work. Yesterday was payday, and so the remaining time off ought to show an accurate representation of how much remains in my "bank".

My employer uses "floating holidays" as a way to provide for paid holiday time off. Because of the nature of our work, we can't always take the actual holidays off, so they do this instead. We get one floating holiday a month, and that actually works to our advantage because some months don't have real "day off" holidays in them. This is in addition, by the way, to our paid time off/vacation time bank.

Anyway, I was pretty well convinced that I'd used up all my floating holidays and so forth. Since the payday we had yesterday was for the week of Thanksgiving, I was pretty sure I had only one floating holiday left, which meant I'd be working Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve...yet the system says I have three.

If I have three? Then I'm taking 'em. I don't like to work on Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve is my wedding anniversary. (New Year's day will be taken care of with January's floating holiday, and of course I get a brand new bucket of PTO with the new year. Besides, if you don't use them, you lose them.)

So the first order of business on Monday will be to contact my boss and make sure what I'm seeing there is accurate. Here's hoping.

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