atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#743: More spam

Watches explores the possibilities of the eponym. I'll bet you never realized that spammers could be so literate.

Bart Weir warns us that IT...HAS...APPEARED!!!

('cause in anime...when a ghost comes out...people say things like "It's appeared!")


Promote sends me a message from the company I bought the replacement DVD drives from. They gave pretty good service so I am prepared to ignore the fact that they're now spamming me with adverts I don't want, but I can't ignore the stupid word order of this post. Either they should write "Your Amazing Christmas Gifts" or else add punctuation: "Your Christmas--Amazing Gifts" or some variation thereof. I think they need to consult with Watches to learn about such amazing concepts.

Man's response wants to explain "sexual strength" to me. I'm not sure what "sexual strength" is. Maybe it's a description of the original concept for The Incredible Hulk--instead of anger making Bruce Banner transform, it was--

No, forget that.

"Eterne", writes Jupiter ionut. I only mentioned this one because his name is stupid.

* * *

The laughs keep coming. O the comedy.

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