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Allegedly, the nurse who fainted after getting it DIED. Fainted on camera, no sign of her anywhere since, supposedly there's a death certificate--

Basic PR suggests that if you're showing nurses getting inoculated to boost public perception of the vaccine, and one of them has an obvious adverse reaction on camera, then you later release video showing that person up and around, hale and hearty, just as soon as you possibly can.

My rule for accepting inoculations is that the disease must be bad enough to warrant it. Smallpox, for example, is a no-brainer. Polio, too.

4% of recipients of COVID-19 vaccines have had adverse reactions to it which is way too high for my comfort. The preventative is worse than the disease.

* * *

That's all that inspired comment today. President Trump's response to the Democrats' election theft is in a holding pattern, no doubt waiting for this or that condition to be fulfilled.

The next week should be fairly low-key, politics wise, since it's Christmas week. We'll see.

* * *

The CPAP machine is a wonder. I go to sleep, and I sleep. I wake up feeling rested. But there's something weird going on, too.

Since my teenage years, I've had my lower legs, starting a few inches below my knees and going all the way to my toes. I only really recognized it because there started being moments where it would go away, at random, and the sensation of relief was the only indication that something had been going on. It didn't hurt, and it was just mild enough to cause a constant background noise that I wasn't really conscious of.

Since I started using the CPAP machine, I've started having episodes of "restless leg", where my lower legs get really twitchy and remaining still is intolerable. I don't know why or how; it's weird and I've never had that before. The sensation is strong enough that I can't tell if the noise is present or not, but my thinking is that the noise goes away and the endorphin rush makes my muscles get twitchy.


Another weird thing: I'm starting to remember my dreams again.

* * *

Tomorrow is supposed to be the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Hoping we have clear weather in the evening so I can take a gander at it--maybe even get the telescope out. We'll see.

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