atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7432: I've got SOMETHING

Maybe a page worth of beginning of a hard SF Christmas story.

* * *

Good thing I'm not an astronomer! Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that rarely happens and it's cloudy tonight, just like it always is when there's an astronomical phenomenon I want to see!

* * *

Being radioactive does not seem to have hurt them very much. Norwegian reindeer are too radioactive to eat, because of Chernobyl.

* * *

So, just finished watching If You Believe with my wife. Vintage 1999, it's now old enough to buy beer and the little girl (who stole the show, IMHO) is probably about age 30 by now. But I really liked it.

I saw it back in 1999 and taped part of it in 2000, but couldn't find the tape, and couldn't remember the name; so I googed it based on the elements I remembered, and poof! There was the name. And a quick search on the cable box and it popped off we went.

* * *

Anyway, that story won't write itself, and I'm eschewing all my other chores to work on it now.

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