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#7434: Maybe this will work

Another idea, but I'm not sure where to go with it; and not having a place to go is what ruined the last attempt. I'll keep you posted.

* * *

Busy night tonight: I finished my Christmas shopping. Directly from work I went to the last functioning mall within easy driving distance of the bunker. Everyone there was wearing a mask but it looked like any Christmas shopping evening I'd ever taken part in. The mall had a typical Christmas crowd and the only way you could tell there was a "pandemic" was the masks and the fact that some stores had people waiting in line to go inside.

Hit the mall, hit a hobby store, hit Target, finished.

The hobby store was the one I tried to visit two? years ago, but it was closed. Proper hobby store: models of all kinds, RC gear, model trains, and so forth. They had an enormous stack of Gundam models, so much that I remarked to the clerk that the last time I'd seen that many Gundam models in one spot it was at an anime convention. (Probably before he was born.)

There was a selection of anime figures, too, including Yukari Morita from Rocket Girls for a mere $75. A bit much to pay for a character from a series I merely liked. (Bonus points: I actually read her name from the box. I didn't remember her name and had to puzzle it out, but the kanji were ones I know, and the rest was hiragana.)

Will probably go back, although I think their prices may be a bit high. I came this > < close to buying a track expansion set for the N-gauge train set my wife got me for Christmas a few years back, but that little box of track was $105 and would have represented a 33% increase in the total investment of the Fungus household in N-scale train stuff.

I did buy a little model of a C-47 (Army Air Corps version of the DC-3) because it called out to me.

My wife asked me to wrap some gifts for her, which she is giving to coworkers, so I did that; then tucked her into bed. Made the dough for the crust for pecan tarts and put it into the fridge, then washed the dishes.

Busy day today. Tired.

* * *

Heard Trump say he's going to veto that big porkulus bill unless it gives Americans $2,000 each rather than $600. Maybe the Democrats can cut the foreign aid out of it and spend that money here in America, you know? They're always going on about how space exploration is a waste and "we have plenty of problems here on Earth!" so why don't they apply that theory to spending money on foreign countries which hate us anyway?

The fucking thing is five and a half thousand pages long.

* * *

The fact that it was granted a patent doesn't mean it actually works. Chances are it's a bunch of woo-woo meant to be disinformation for Soviet spies, only no one remembered to excise it from the records after the USSR fell.

* * *

"I remember the last time a Republican was turfed out. Gloom-and-doom became sunshine-and-rainbows, everywhere, overnight, the minute the last vote for Obama was counted. They're not doing that here. Something's up." The last chapter of "election 2020" has not been written. I'm just hoping it's not the climax of a spy thriller. Though, so far, it's looked exactly like one.

* * *

Microplastics found in human placenta! They're "potentially harmful"!

Let me clue you in on something: if the material is so inert that it managed to survive the environment long enough to end up in human placentas, it's probably inert enough not to cause any particular harm there.

Especially when there are twelve particles "ranging from 5 to 10 μm in size".</a> Micrometers.


* * *

I can't believe we're this close to Christmas. I mean, Christmas Eve is 24.33 hours away! I still have so much to do!

Plus side? Turned out I had one more floating holiday than I'd thought I did, so I get a four-day weekend this week, and a three-day weekend next week...and next week will be SLO_O_O_O___O___WWWW because 90% of the employees won't be working at all.


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