atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7442: Merry Christmas! No politics!

They call these "zip guns" and zip guns are generally both unsafe and inaccurate. However, using a shotgun shell instead of a bullet would help with both issues.

The law states that as long as you are legally allowed to own a gun, you can make a gun if you want to. You may not sell that gun to anyone, and you may not make a firearm that requires special licensing (such as a machine gun) but otherwise, you can make as many guns as you want.

So a guy could sit in his garage all week building single-use shotguns and remain within the confines of the law.

What use this is, however, will have to wait for a time when it is not Christmas.

* * *

Some shithead(s) set off a car bomb in downtown Nashville today.

Not muslims, because muslims don't warn people to get away. Whoever set this off wanted to make a point, emphatically, but did not want there to be a body count. And when muslims set time bombs, they're hoping for big body counts, so having the car bomb play a warning that it's going to blow up and to get the hell away does not fit their modus operandi.

* * *

Anyway, just finished a nice three-way video call with my in-laws. This twenty-first century is amazing. The only thing I would have liked better would be if we could have had a little warning about it, because at least on our end we could have done it on the computer (Achernar) with a webcam, instead of my wife and I crowding together in front of her iPhone.

That's all right, though.

Anyway, today is Christmas, and I'm going to go shave and shower, and then get the bird in the oven. Time to cook!

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