atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7443: A lovely Christmas

It was indeed. Turkey came out very good, dinner was delicious, and my wife and I had a very merry Christmas together.

Went to make the stuffing, but when I grabbed the sausage, the package was...puffy. Oh, no, I thought. I poked a hole in it; gas smelling of hydrogen sulfide hissed out. "Use or freeze by Jan 6"--damn it, what's the point of putting a freshness date on something if it's going to spoil, in the refrigerator, before that date arrives?

Anyway I put the stuffing on hold and rushed out, hit a convenience store, a 7/11, and a Walgreens, all in hopes of finding some kind of sausage, but no go, dang it. Really annoying since I hit the store yesterday and could have bought a tube of sausage. And in the future, if I buy sausage I'm not planning to use right away, freeze it.

Dug through the freezer and found four links of miscellanious sausages, fried them up and chopped them up and put that into the stuffing, along with eight slices of bacon. So the stuffing is...not as good as it should be, but it's good enough.

Despite that one setback, dinner came out all right. I lit a fire in the fireplace. We stuffed ourselves, opened our presents, and then Mrs. Fungus got sleepy and went to bed for a nap. That was 8:30, and she's still asleep. Heh.

Me, I've been reading the books she got me, and listening to Christmas music, and eating dessert (key lime pie, bought yesterday and left in the back of the Jeep).

Christmas 2020 is winding down now. We've burned both of our yule logs (the one left over from last year, when Mrs. Fungus was too sick to celebrate, and a new one she got this year) and the fire is down to coals as well.

If us not burning the yule log in 2019 is the cause of all the nonsense of 2020, I apologize.

* * *

Anyway, we had a lovely Christmas. Even better, tomorrow is Saturday, so we get a 4-day weekend out of the deal. And next week is a 4-day week and a 3-day weekend, and because so many of the office staff are either working at home or completely off work, I'm thinking it'll be very very slow. So I've got that going for me, too.

* * *

I'm sitting here at the PC with Christmas music playing and Christmas lights on all over the house. It's 16° outside but my feet are toasty warm.

Before I can go to bed, I need to put away all that food.

How blessed we are.

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