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#7444: Oh, that's rich, coming from you guys

The Washington Post compares Trump's justifiable fight against election fraud to denying the Holocaust. You shitheads don't give a rat's ass about Holocaust denial. You support it--at least, you support ideologies that support it--and you wholeheartedly support politicians who are anti-Semitic enough to support Holocaust denial, or even to actively cheer on the project as a good start.

This is the same newspaper that gravely intoned, in 2017, "Democracy dies in darkness." You assholes sure as hell ain't shedding any light on the actual attempted murder of it! Mainly because that slogan was nothing but hype, and you knew even at the time you extruded it that you didn't give a wet fart for democracy, mainly because democracy had elected someone you hated with visceral loathing to the highest office in the land.

The press is desperately promulgating this lie that the election was utterly free and fair, but I don't know how well that bullshit is resonating with the American people. The fact that 30% of Democrats think the election was stolen suggests this attempt at propagandizing a legitimate Biden win into existence is, after all, failing.

I sure as hell hope so. Just remember the words of the tyrant Lincoln: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

* * *

You think I'm lying or exaggerating about the American left supporting anti-semitism, but I am not the only one who thinks so. "Feminists will back this to the hilt."

* * *

Karl Denninger explains what happened when the Nashville bomb went off.
There's something very odd about this attack. It was clearly not intended to kill lots of people, because the bomber gave warning to run first. Therefore it was intended to destroy material. It was quite precisely placed to destroy specific material, not at random, because just blowing up an RV in the middle of butt**** nowhere doesn't do anything, and yet where it was placed wasn't where you'd think someone would make a political statement (e.g. in front of a courthouse, the State Legislature, etc.) Nor was it driven into a chemical plant, oil refinery or similar.

This looked like an ordinary commercial street except..... it isn't quite that.

There's a communications center there. ...

You're supposed to, for critical infrastructure like 911, have redundancy in that regard too. More than one path for fiber over redundant entries and exits so a single break does not hose you, more than one means of power and more than one switch each of which are geographically diverse and can cover the requirements if one of them goes down for some reason -- like a fire, natural disaster -- or bomb.


That work clearly wasn't done here or someone just didn't give a crap. Cell service, which these days is considered more reliable and essential than landlines apparently all ran through or were dependent on something that got cut off in that building. 911 for the area, similar. And the impacts weren't just downtown; they extended 100 miles to the south into Alabama, another 100 north into Kentucky and all the way east into Knoxville!

All this out of one little bomb, which leads to an immediate presumption that ought to raise your eyebrows: Whoever set it off knew that in advance which is why they set it off where they did.
As usual, his excessive typographic emphasis has been removed.

So: someone set off a truck bomb on a commercial street in Nashville. It was done on a day when there'd be a minimum of people around--a major, major holiday, one of the biggest of the year (if not the biggest). The vehicle was equipped with a PA system that played a warning that it was a bomb and that it would explode soon. The police were sent to the area after a call was received reporting "shots fired", and so they were there to hear the warning and had enough time to call in the bomb squad and evacuate the area, but not enough time for the bomb squad to do anything other than watch the bomb blow up. The bomb, when it went off, took out a critical communications nexus but only two people were injured in the blast.

One suggestion is that it was someone who was a disgruntled former worker, and wanted to hit back at his employer for firing him or whatever. But that rings hollow to me; whoever did this, he took great pains--successful ones!--to keep human casualties to an absolute bare minimum, and normally when someone is "disgruntled" he wants to make his prior employer feel specific pain and to know who it was who inflicted it. "This is what you get for firing me." Someone who is intelligent and sane enough to pull off this kind of thing--especially in this fashion--is highly probably not nuts enough to think setting off a car bomb is an appropriate response to being fired.

No, this was one of two things. It was either a warning--"This is what we can do to you"--or it was the first attack in a war against...whoever they're fighting against. A fiver says "feds" if it came from the direction from which I think it did.

--and you can rely on the press not reporting who it actually came from, even if they find out, because it's too good a stick with which to hit at "right-wing militias". It may actually be a right-wing militia that did this, but if so, it's not one the press is even aware of, and I'd suspect the FBI would be greatly surprised to learn of its existence, too.

* * *

Hearing that the street was in one of the city's hospitality districts, though, is what made me twig to the morning of Christmas Day as a deliberate choice, to eliminate all possible casualties. What bar is going to be open at 6:30 AM on Christmas Day? (After presumably closing at 2 AM?) You wouldn't have any customers, at least none worth speaking of, not on that day at that time. Maybe people come in after five or six for a few drinks, but that early in the morning? Even if you have to be open by 11 because of local laws, how much clientele would you have on Christmas? Better just to be closed all day, or maybe open after six or something. (Those laws, I believe ex posteriori, only apply to regular hours, not holidays.)

So having eliminated customers/shoppers from the picture, you still have people living there (in apartments above the street-level businesses) and you may have people at their businesses doing the things they do when they're closed. So you, the guy who set the bomb, place a call to 911 saying that you heard gunshots. The police come. Then you trigger the PA system: "I'm a thirty second bomb! I'm a thirty second bomb!..." or whatever, and have it tell people to evacuate because it's going to blow up soon. When the evacuation is complete, *BOOM*.

...whoever set the bomb, I'm thinking they had someone on-site watching, with the trigger in his pocket.

I do not believe it was the "deep state" that did this. If you look at the theories from some sectors, that some of the worst school shootings were "false flag operations" meant to enable restrictive gun control measures, you see a casual disregard for the lives of average people. That fits with what I know about leftists, and the "deep state" is nothing if not leftist. No, an attack that is purposely configured to spare the lives of ordinary working people doesn't fit with their MO.

After all, the "deep state" is comprised of the elites, and if a few proles are expended to further their glorious aims, well, omelettes, eggs, you know?

I am not the only one who realizes this does not fit any recognizable pattern but that's not a big leap to make, at least if you're not one of those idiots who only gets his information from the mainstream media.

That post points out that this was not a basic ANFO bomb, and further that it seems to have been directional because the damage is such that it appears the blast was carefully confined to hit the AT&T datacenter--the aforementioned communications nexus--while minimizing damage elsewhere.
...that bothers me
On a very significant level
Cause I'm the best planner and out-of-the-box wargamer/planner I know... there's a couple others, whom I'ma gonna hit up in a day or two for consult. Dis shit is unpresented. A very specific target, the AT&T Comms relay point. A very polite bomber who kindly warns everyone to GTFO now before the bomb goes off.
Things that make you go Hmmmn indeed.
...typography removed.

And, by the way, I wasn't the only one to refer to Heinlein's "thirty second bomb" thing.

* * *

Second City Cop thinks first responders were the target but I'd expect that, given that he's a "first responder" in a city that's actively hostile to him and his. If you want to get first responders, though, you don't warn people. You just park the truck outside a police station or firehouse or-or-or.

* * *

Fourth link down: "Practical fusion power is now only 19 years away." Because with each new advance in fusion--for the past sixty years--we've been told that "practical fusion power is now only 20 years away." Is joke.

* * *

Biden is reportedly upset that Twiable won't transfer President Trump's 33 million followers to him. It's fine, Joe--they'd just unfollow you and re-follow Trump, even if Tweetle did what you ask, and everyone knows it.

* * *

I guess it's all relative.

...I had to think about it for a minute, too. Don't feel bad.

* * *

Okay, got today's blog post over with. Now I'm going to go lay down again, as I would on any ordinary Saturday. Ha!

...I've been given explicit permission to take the weekend off from everything because of all the baking and decorating and cooking I did. So, off I go!

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