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#7445: Genius at work!!

FBI thinks MAYBE that human lives weren't a target " the explosion occurred on a Christmas morning." Nothing about the PA blaring a freaking warning that it was a bomb, for fifteen minutes before the thing blew up.

Fuckin' FBI. Man.

Meanwhile, of course the FIB has it all figured out and is pushing their usual narrative. Gee, older white male, self-employed; mysteriously enough he's lived in his neighborhood for a quarter-century but--how verey strange!--no one in it knows his last name.

I mean, c'mon. There are people in this neighborhood I don't know, but I'm not the most gregarious person, either. I do know that one or two of my neighbors will know who everyone is. Joe, across the street, for example; he's the guy who drinks beer with everyone, so he'd be a natural go-to guy for info like that.

That last post I linked to suggests it to be a false flag, but if that's the case, why the warnings? Why no body count? The complete lack of dead bodies suggests to me that this wasn't a "deep state" op, because they don't care about dead proles, and "so-and-so had a wife and kids and his life was cut short by this evil right-wing hillbilly nut" makes for good sound bites. Tugs at the heartstrings and all that. Dead bodies make for good excuses to curtail civil rights, because it's "all to keep us safe!"

I don't know anything about this, only what my instincts say given the information I have. Outside of thinking it's some kind of warning, I can ascribe no motive to this attack, and certainly I can't ascribe any reasonable "deep state" motive or benefit to it. But I do know that we absolutely will not get the real story from the FBI or the mainstream media, either.

* * *

I didn't think this was even a question. Of course the Democrats are going to cheat. Why wouldn't they? So far, they've gotten away with cheating in the presidential election.

This is what Clarence Thomas meant when he allegedly said, "This is the end of democracy." If no one is going to stop the Democrats from obviously cheating on high-profile elections, and if there are no consequences for them when they do it, then they will cheat everywhere and every time.

So, yeah--absent anything being done, the Democrat candidates will win both Senate seats for Georgia. As I said, I didn't think there was any question about this.

* * *

Had open-faced turkey sandwiches with gravy. Oh, delicious.

...used low-sodium chicken broth to make the gravy instead of the regular kind, and it wasn't nearly as salty, so I'll have to keep that in mind for the future.

* * *

Well, this is Saturday, and tomorrow is Sunday, which means at this moment I have 29 hours remaining in my holiday weekend. No, wait--if I go with my usual rule that the holiday isn't over until I get up for work, then I have...36 hours remaining.

Of course I have a four-day week, followed by a three-day weekend, and that will also be nice. After that? Five day weeks with no extra days off until Easter. *sigh*

That's okay, though. I'll manage.

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