atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7447: Look, I'm not gonna wear a tinfoil hat

We have been conditioned, in this age, to accept the idea that some people are simply off their rockers. "Nothin' you could do," they say. "Some people are just crazy."

But the execution of this particular bombing does not look "crazy" to me. If you're totally off your bean because you're afraid that 5G cellular technology is going to wreck humanity, how do you get from that to "I'm going to blow myself up to prove it!"

And if you're that nuts--if you're so delusional that you think 5G is spreading COVID-19, and you further think that blowing yourself up will raise everyone's awareness of the danger--how can you execute a plan so flawlessly that a few people are injured but no one is killed? And how do you happen to do it such that you take out a critical communications nexus?

I'm not saying that I have the answers here--I have none--and I certainly don't believe that someone shot a missile at that location and the FBI chose that specific mook to take the fall because he was there. But I also am not saying that I believe the official narrative that's shaping up in the media, either, because everyone involved in dispensing that information has been proven to be a liar, repeatedly, within the last twelve months if not longer. I can't accept anything they tell me at face value any longer.

And the official story doesn't make sense to me.

* * *

A box truck playing a similar message but without explosive leads to a highway being shut down. Are you sure this is just a copycat, and not a member of the same group, putting an exclamation point on the statement they made Christmas Day?

Whenever you have a truck playing a message like that, now the authorities must pay serious attention to it, even if it turns out like this. What happens if a dozen trucks spread across a metropolitan area start playing messages like that, simultaneously?

I don't think this is a lone wolf thing, I don't think it was an accident, and I further don't think they actually found human remains in the detritus of that explosion in Nashville.

* * *

So, apparently Kamala Harris claims that she remembers celebrating Kwanzaa when she was a little girl, and further claims that it was celebrated "across multiple generations".

She was born in 1964, and Kwanzaa was INVENTED in 1966 by a communist. Further, the article includes pictures of her celebrating Christmas with her family as a little girl.

Kwanzaa is not a real holiday. It's a made-up mishmash of communist nonsense specifically meant to separate blacks from the country's ideological mainstream. Its purpose is to radicalize them and make them into useful idiots for the communist whites who are trying to seize power.

* * *

Well, tomorrow is Monday, the last one of 2020. We only have four days left of this nonsense. It was not a great year.

Here's hoping 2021 will be better.

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