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#7449: Probably better for my blood pressure if I don't post much today

The world is full of shitheads and their asshattery is on full display today. Everything I look at is absolutely infuriating.

Let me give you an example:

This Advice Goddess blog post is reminding me of the trans-assholes who insist that when heterosexual men choose who they have sex with, they do it out of "hatred", not because they're making a choice based on what they find attractive.

The trans community seriously believes that "it's bigotry to refuse sex to anyone". So women who "transition" to being male feel like they have the right to call male homosexuals "bigoted" because, gee, gay men want to have sex with other men and not women who are pretending they're men.

It is the height of entitlement to demand that other people participate in the alternative lifestyle that you chose for yourself. Others are not obligated to. You're being a fascist when you insist that they must.

Here's another example: the shitheads of antifa in Portland are squatting in a hotel and the police won't do shit about it because they've received orders from their communist mayor not to, you know, enforce the fucking law.

Private property isn't, any longer. You might as well get used to it.

Still another example: stellar police work, assholes. The guy that blew up the AT&T building in Nashville, turns out his girlfriend warned police that he was building bombs in 2019. As usual, the police did nothing about it.

I think, if you're involved in law enforcement, and someone tells you that so-and-so is building bombs, you ought to take that seriously and do a little investigation, you know? But I'm old-fashioned that way; I think that law enforcement's job is to lock people up when they commit crimes. (And yes, building a time bomb is a criminal act.) Obviously America no longer works that way. Assholes like the commies of antifa get a free pass, along with drug pushers and gangbangers and Democrat politicians, and the law is only enforced for those benighted right-of-center folks.

* * *

Yes, I love Joan of Arcadia, but that was over fifteen years ago. Amber Tamblyn is on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood and her husband is a communist in every sense of the word. Because he wants "blood" rather than "unity".

If there's anything leftists love, it's spilling blood--the more, the better.

* * *

Fauci admits padding the COVID-19 numbers because this thing is just not the kind of pandemic the left wishes it was.

There was a tearful story on the news yesterday about an 18-year-old girl who died of the thing. Her mother claimed she was "perfectly healthy" but I have my doubts about that, because the survival rate for COVID-19 for that age group is 99.997%.

Of course, 99.997% is not 100%. Some people in that age group will die of it; you can't avoid it. It means that out of 100,000 infections, 3 of them will die. That 0.003% is probably accounted for by people who have comorbidities (known or not) which leave them more susceptible to the thing.

Because our news media has demonstrated repeatedly that it's perfectly willing to lie to us about just about goddamned everything, I don't believe that the girl was "perfectly healthy". I'll bet there's something in her medical history which they didn't bother to tell us about.

* * *

IDGAF who is getting the fucking vaccine. I don't want it. I don't need it.

Meanwhile, I can attest to how effective this shit is. Even knowing that this thing is no worse than the annual flu, knowing that 70% of the people who are infected are asymptomatic and can't transmit the thing, knowing that in the other 30% of the cases, 99% of the time it amounts to a bad cold--even knowing all that!--today I found myself disinfecting my hands after touching a piece of paper that a field service engineer had been holding, because it was damp. (I think he dropped it in the snow.)


* * *

If there are any teachers who will not teach, they need to be fired. Okay? If I tried to pull the horseshit that the teachers in Chicago are pulling, I'd lose my fucking job.

Those shitheads have had how many months' worth of pay to do nothing?

Fire anyone who won't come to work. Kids aren't a risk group for COVID-19 and their mortality rate is infinitesimal.

* * *

If everything else fails, Trump must declassify everything. Then fire everyone in the government: "Following the aforementioned mass declassification and distribution, he takes up the infamous 'pen and a phone' to fire all Obama stay-behinds and secret saboteurs, then disbands entire Federal departments summarily." Wouldn't that be a hoot? Just shitcan the entire Department of Education, for example.

I'd love to see that.

* * *

The leftists can only see "ORANGEMANBAD" and cannot understand what you are saying here.

* * *

Water and molten aluminum do not mix. If you're on YouTube pouring molten aluminum into a swimming pool and scoffing at people who claim it's an extremely dangerous thing to do because you only get some crackling from it--you're just getting off lucky.

* * *

Now, I'm going to go make hamburgers; and after I've eaten one or two, I'm going to play WoW.

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