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#7451: "Wintry mix"

Holy crap, I'm glad today's a holiday and we don't need to go anywhere.

It has been precipitating almost all day, in one form or another, and all of it's been cold and miserable. The foliage is coated with ice. When I was writing the earlier post, sleet was ticking off the window of the computer room; now it looks like it's switched to very fine-grained snow, but it could easily be drizzle or sleet or something else. I am not going outside to check.

At some point tonight I will need to go outside to haul the trash bin to the curb, but that's all I'm doing.

* * *

Meanwhile, This is the second part of a discussion of Bach's works and there's a link to the first part at the very top.

Reminds me just how much of that man's music I've not heard. Somewhere around here I've got several LPs of miscellanious Bach works that I haven't heard in years. I keep thinking about buying a turntable so I can listen to them again but I always seem to find a reason not to. Maybe a USB job so I can digitize to the PC? *sigh* But if I buy one, I want to avoid a ceramic cartridge, because those wear the records out faster than moving-magnet carts do. The main advantage to ceramic carts is that they're cheap, of course, and I don't want to pay a lot of money for a turntable that I'll use once in a blue moon. Hell, I hardly even use CDs any more. Nearly all the time, if I'm not streaming music, I'm listening to MP3s, just because it's more convenient.

But that last link finishes with the first movement of the fifth Brandenburg Concerto, and of course it's familiar to me, and one of the ones I really liked. I've got the first three; I really ought to think about getting the latter half.


Why, when I think about music, does it always end up with me trying to plan how to purchase stuff?

* * *

Anyway it's after dark on New Year's Day, and Mrs. Fungus and I had a nice 8th anniversary and NYE last night. After hitting Portillo's for roast beef sandwiches, we struggled to remain awake until midnight. She went to bed immediately afterwards; I stayed up for a bit but ended up in bed no later than about 1 AM. And but for a couple of short periods where I was up and about, from that point on I pretty much was in bed and unconscious until 3 PM.

Two days left in the holiday season, and then it's back to work, full-time, on Monday. There won't be a real holiday now until, what, Good Friday? That's all right, though.

* * *

Work yesterday was slow, as predicted. By lunchtime I'd pretty much finished up doing everything that I could do, and was idling for the rest of the day.

Played dumb games on my phone, read, did some light surfing; I wanted to go home early but could not, having reached the very limit of my PTO etc for the year. It doesn't carry over so I'm glad to have used it up, but if I hadn't taken that one sick day earlier in the month I could have taken yesterday off entirely.

One thing I discovered was this deepfake app, and when I tried it, it did a...reasonable job. I've got them posted on Fatzboob. The second one worked better. (The URL in that link is a very long machine-generated mishmash and I have no idea if it will even work.)

What's really eerie about it, though, is seeing my face moving in ways I do not move it. It makes my face look to me as I'm sure it does to other people. The first clip, where my face is pasted on Ralphie's from A Christmas Story, is just this side of the Uncanny Valley. The second one, where my face is pasted on Jack's from The Shining, works much better.

I used the picture I had on hand, of my wife, for Windy's face in that clip, but it really didn't work too well.

--21st century, we didn't get flying cars since the necessary technology hasn't been invented yet (or it was, but the government declared it "top secret") but we do have computers that fit in our pockets and can paste our faces onto moving video in reasonably convincing fashion--for entertainment.

* * *

As for me, I don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of my evening, but there's a mountain of dishes in the sink I'd better think about. *sigh*

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