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#7453: Well, one good thing came of it

I generally avoid discussing politics in WoW chat, but I had a deficit of self-control last night.

I was in a foul mood yesterday, reason unknown. Last week, I went ahead and dropped my "keep Fungus calm" medication to its former, pre-I-need-a-CPAP dosage, and have been noticing the sharp edges again, and "not safe for fabrics" days (as I call them) are a feature of that regime.

Basically, I've got a choice between that, or "comfortably numb".

Anyway, the shithead leftists started in with their usual anti-Trump horseshit and someone said that the GOP senators were a bunch of sore losers--for challenging the electoral college results--and I got irritated beyond my ability to keep quiet.

I asked if that meant the Democrats were sore losers in 2001, 2005, and 2017. Which set off a big to-do.

But later, I noticed that I never did get an answer to that question; and furthermore, after a bit, the person with whom I had most of the discussion started insulting me (the usual variations of "ha ha, you're so stupid", because that's really the only insult leftists have). And when they start answering you by insulting you, you've won, because they can't answer your points.

I also asked, "If the election was honest, why resist an audit of the results?" Several of them claimed that there were recounts, but when I said a recount is not an audit, they changed the subject. And the loudest one in that clash was insulting me soon after that. And others kept peppering chat with, "Ha ha, Trump lost," which is only annoying if you think it might be true.

In the end, nobody wins one of those discussions, but I take comfort in the fact that my moment of intemperance at least demonstrated that I have some grasp of the facts, and further that I have gained some immunity (not enough) to the way that leftists distort facts to suit them, so that I don't get sidetracked as easily as I once did.

You know that old saying, "Don't argue with a half-wit; he'll drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience." Leftists do something similar. You say something about the costs of illegal immigration; the leftists say, "Well, hating immigrants makes you a racist." Note that you're talking specifically about illegal immigration, but if you let the leftist sidetrack you, you're having to argue a) you're not racist, b) you don't hate immigrants, c) you're talking about a subset of immigrants. And your original point, about the costs of illegal immigration, is lost. The leftist doesn't have to refute your point about it because now you're arguing on his turf, and you can't win, because he's expressing his opinions. (And yes, they think you're a racist for opposing illegal immigration, regardless of your stance on legal immigration.) And the most infuriating thing about that trick is that they insist that they're still discussing facts, when instead they're throwing accusations ("racist!").

This happens mainly because the facts do not support their ideology. They can't win when you start talking hard numbers and they usually cannot refute your points. That's why any question of man's role in climate change becomes "science denier" and "flat earther" and so forth. There is a myriad of other examples, but the two I've provided are sufficient to illustrate the process, I think. They have to shift the focus of the discussion away from facts; and when they can't do that, out come the insults. You're stupid, you're gullible, you're racist, because you disagree with them.

* * *

This ain't happening. Biden's not going to concede. Rumor has it that he's offered to do so in exchange for a full pardon. I don't see him doing it, for many many reasons.

That said, however, I'm going to do a little thought experiment.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that Trump has got this huge "Plan Z" ready to come down this week. That, on Nov 4, he saw the results of the election and couldn't help smiling, because the Democrats had walked into a trap of epic proportions. That, now, the Democrats have come to realize that their goose is well and truly cooked, that if Trump's plans are allowed to continue to fruition, a political firestorm will sweep the "deep state" onto the ash heap of history. That the trigger for all this is the certification of the electoral college vote on Wednesday, and when it installs Biden, that's when Trump is able to act and set everything into motion that ends the left's grip on power. That event is the trigger because then the electoral fraud becomes treason, or sedition at least, and constitutionally actionable by a sitting President.

So in a case of something like that--which is extraordinarily unlikely--the only thing they can do is to have Biden concede. If Biden doesn't win the election, there's no treason or sedition, and the wind goes out of the whole thing, and Trump can't do squat. Which is to say he still have the power of the executive, but the special powers granted in case of an emergency like this one do not apply, and Democrats are a lot safer than otherwise.

Hell yes they'd give up the stolen presidency to save the rest of their apparatus. As a bonus, they'd be able to spin this as Biden being a "statesman" who wasn't willing to put the country through the constitutional crisis that Trump, that sore loser, was creating, blah blah blah, etcetera--not a single word of it truthful, but the left would eat it up.

But nice as a concession would be, I don't see it happening, for a couple of reasons.

First, the Democrats are too cocksure of their victory, here. After all, they engaged in blatant electoral fraud spread across four states, and there's been absolutely no downside for them. Hell, Georgia is about to hold a runoff election for its senators, using exactly the same jiggered election machines that they used to jigger the presidential election. The Georgia state government is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat party, its offices held by majority RINOs, quislings, and traitors who hate Trump much more than they hate the idea of the United States becoming a totalitarianist socialist nation. They don't think the latter can happen here, because they're idiots, and they sure don't like Trump!

Second, they still don't understand who they're dealing with. They insist on treating Trump like a regular politician, but he's not, and their lack of understanding is bordering on pathological. They used every single weapon they had against him, things that would have brought down a regular Republican--George W. Bush did not withstand this kind of onslaught even with 9/11 thrown in--and not only did the dirty tricks fail to reduce his popularity, but some of them bolstered it.

The difference is that Trump fights, and he fights to win. Republicans aren't supposed to do that; in the left's dream vision for America, the Republicans are merely "loyal opposition", whose job it is to provide a thin veneer of contention against Democrat policies but to always lose...which is why we have RINOs colluding with the NeverTrump crowd, who themselves are voting Democrat.

It's a nice gig if you can get it. You're not running things, but you're given a nice piece of the pie for doing as you're told and voting correctly, and you get to go to all the parties and have your indiscretions overlooked by law enforcement and-and-and. Of course you also live in fear of what will happen to you if you, or anyone in your party, steps out of line, because you lose all those nice perks and have to work for a living...and in the worst case, the FBI is told to take a personal interest in those rumors that you've got a predilection for little girls. And even if you actually don't have one, do you think it's anything more than a trivial exercise for the FBI to find the cache of child porn on your laptop's hard drive that you'd truthfully swear you never put there? Oh no: keeping you in line is trivially easy, and all you have to do in order to avoid those consequences is just do what you'd normally do anyway, at least, most of the time. Right? And we'll even make sure that the deviations are spun as a "principled stand for" some claptrap or other that your constituents will eat up. It's all dogshit, of course--the foulest, maggot-ridden dogshit you ever saw--but they'll eat it up like it was apple pie ala mode.

* * *

Just for the record, let me say it here: that was my view of the Republican party long before Trump came on the scene, and it still is. I don't support the GOP; I support Trump. I don't identify as "Republican" or "conservative", but "right wing". I generally vote Republican (with some rare exceptions) because they are less wrong than Democrats on most occasions, but I will vote against any Republican who is not better, even by degree, than the Democrat he faces.

Example: 2012, I voted for Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate, because Mitt Romney was just Obama without the tan. That was the first time I didn't vote for a Republican candidate for President in my life, by the way. But by then the GOP's failure theater in the legislature had led me to realize that the GOP wasn't interested in being anything other than "Democrat Lite".

The greatest shame of my political life is that I didn't realize it four years earlier than I did, so I could have voted against John McCain. (Would have voted libertarian in that election, too, if I'd realized who McCain actually was.)

* * *

There's another reason, now that I think of it, that Biden won't concede: the Democrat party's own constituency wouldn't understand the necessity. Look: something like 30% of Democrats think there was electoral fuckery; the remaining 70% think the election was the most honest one in history. They'd instantly piss off 70% of their base if Biden conceded, and even if the leadership made it look like they were disgusted with Biden caving--and neither they nor their supporters are bothered by the cognitive dissonance of "he did it for a good reason but HE CAVED IN LIKE A COWARD!"--there'd still be a heavily negative impact to their poll numbers and many of them would be likely to get primaried.

Or not. Remember, Democrats control the voting machines now.

* * *

Well, we got a couple more inches of snow last night. We have to go pick up Mrs. Fungus' car, which ended up staying at the mechanic's overnight.

...I could have sworn I replaced brake pads on that car. But no, it seems it needed a front end brake job, and rather than have me sitting in the snow on the last day of the holiday weekend, Mrs. Fungus decided to pay them to do it. They're also adjusting the rear brakes and such, so all told it's approximately doubling what we're spending, but at least her car will be up to snuff. Luckily, December had three paychecks in it, so we're able to pay for it; that's why we did the tires in the first place. Still-- *sigh* Easy come, easy go, I suppose.

What the hey. We're getting $600 each in "helicopter money". That ought to help, theoretically.

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