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#7454: Well, to be fair, it's REALLY HARD to get spray paint out of brick....

The vandals who targeted Nancy Pelosi's mansion were kind enough to mask off the brick before painting the swastika anarchist symbol on her front door.

Look at all the pure white where it should be black. It's especially obvious in the left image, where the paint apparently missed where the wood meets brickwork, but there's a nice sharp line where the black stripe ends. Oh, and that right image, the vandals very kindly did not complete the circle because they would have been painting brick.

Oh, no, I get it! They were conserving paint because they knew it wouldn't show up well on brick!

Meanwhile, apparently Pelosi's security detail (which she has because, y'know, Speaker of the House of Representatives and third in the line of succession for the presidency) were all off "doing the Toobin" because none of them stopped the vandals, and of course there are no security cameras anywhere on the property, even though third in the line of succession for the presidency.

* * *

In case you missed it, yes I am being sarcastic. This was done for propaganda purposes, so that the press can claim that antifa isn't an organ of the Democrat party. And of course the people who did this think we're all too stupid to know how fucking spray paint works.

* * *

Later down my fatzboob feed, there's an ad from "prairie rivers network" asking, "What happened to Illinois' rivers?" It goes on, "Communities along Illinois' rivers face more and more extreme flooding. Why is this happening?"

Two reasons, comrades. 1) More people building in flood plains. 2) Less flood-control infrastructure, and less maintenance of the infrastructure that exists.

The first one happens because people can get federal flood insurance. You see, before they could do that, no one built houses in places that were prone to flooding, because DUH! For-profit underwriters--the insurance industry--wouldn't insure properties built on flood plains, because DUH!! But those floods don't happen every year, so now that their homes and belongings can be insured, there's a lot less risk to building a home on a flood plain. The fact that it hasn't flooded in X-town for the last four years leads morons to feel safe building houses right next to rivers. And then, when the river floods, OMG it's a crisis what do we do damn that global warming.

The second one happens because eco-nazis stand in the way of any effort at controlling the flooding which happens somewhere along every river in the country every year. Dams, weirs, levees, and dikes--eco-shitheads get in the way of new construction and sue to have old structures removed in the name of "nature", and the result is less control of floodwater and more flooding. And of course the Corps of Engineers spends so many resources on that horseshit, they have less time and money to maintain the existing stuff, and of course no politician wants to give them more money to maintain that infrastructure, because a flood control structures don't vote.

* * *

Back from picking up my wife's car and doing a little desultory shopping. Several parameters in the car's suspension were off-kilter, she reports that the pedal feel of the brakes is a lot better, and--of course--brand new tires. Almost $800, but it's nice to know her car's set for a while.

And Menards has their "15% off anything that fits in the bag" deal going, so I got 15% off the covered hopper car I've wanted to buy for like three weeks.

...should have bought another 9" section of track so I could put it with the tank car on my desk. Well--I've got those 9" transition sections in the attic; maybe I could use one of those.

Desk is in severe need of cleaning. I did a half-ass cleanup job a few days ago but it needs more. Not this weekend.

* * *

Lastly--with the new year, we return to the list of jobs which I still have to complete.

1) paint the bedroom. It's masked and ready; all I need to do is to give the walls a sanding with 120 grit, wipe them down, and then paint.

2) Finish the cupola. It's already snowed, of course, but this winter has been too warm for snow to persist. I expect to have good weather soon, so I can go up on the roof safely and remount the finished product. So, all I need to do is to finish it. I'll do that once the bedroom is painted, because I'll clear out the center of the room and do all the finish work there. Sand the trim, paint it, cut it to length; then I'll take the components out to the garage and assemble the thing. (It's too big to fit through the interior doors, except in pieces...though, come to think of it, it might fit through the window, if I took out both sashes.) After that, up on the house top, click click click.

3) Install the water filter. I am missing one part, and otherwise I don't need anything but time and gumption to do this.

4) Paint the soffet over the bathtub. I put the spackle on, and as advertised it is completely water-resistant now that it's hardened. I need to sand it smooth, which will take perhaps half an hour; then it's just a matter of slapping on a couple coats of ultra white kitchen and bathroom paint. Let that cure overnight, and presto! No more ugly bathtub ceiling.

Once all that is done, then I get to work on things I want to do; and one of those things will be the motor kit I bought for my mountain bike.

...though I bet something else will come up. That's how it usually is. *sigh*

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