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#7455: Man, screw Walmart!

Since when is Walmart woke? Well, I've been thinking of moving my Rx from Walmart to Osco, just because the Osco is closer and more convenient. Maybe it's time to do that. #BoycottWalmart

Eh? Oh: Walmart's official twittle account called a Republican Senator a "sore loser" because he supported President Trump's attempt to rectify the attempted theft of the 2020 election.

The media is getting desperate, too, it seems.

In that post, Vox says this:
There are those who simply don't understand that many reasonable men are very reluctant to resort to force if they don't believe it should be necessary. They mistake this reluctance for weakness. And Trump has tried to reason with these people. He's tried to point out to them that they aren't going to get away with it. He's probably tried to negotiate with them.

But some people only understand force. And that is something that the reasonable man has to learn to accept, however begrudgingly.
I don't think Trump is unwilling to resort to force if it's necessary, but I do think he's reserving it as his final option. He's played everything too smart, and has demonstrated too often that both his spine and resolve are tungsten steel, to crap out in the end.

It's possible that he might, which would be an astounding disappointment. But that does not match the President Donald J. Trump that I've seen in office since 2017.

Several comments there suggest that Trump is merely giving the corrupt politicians rope with which to hang themselves, that he is giving them every possible opportunity to do the right thing, knowing all the while that he will have to use "Plan Z" (as I called it in an earlier post).

And when he does, he can say to the American people, "I gave them every opportunity to come clean. We could have fixed it. I wanted to work with them, really tried to, but they insisted on doing this the hard way."

Comment number 43 echoes this:
Damelon Brinn January 03, 2021 7:01 PM

There's a video called "Nice Until We're Not," where a guy uses the movie Office Space to explain how white men deal with injustice. He points out that we don't gradually get annoyed until we snap and think of violence. As soon as we're faced with injustice, we immediately think of the extreme violent solution, but we hold back because we understand that the consequences of that extreme could be worse than the problem itself. When the problem outweighs the consequences, that's when we "snap," but the violent solution was there from the beginning.

People who don't understand that, which is basically everyone else, especially the (((media))), see the white man holding back and think it means he's weak. They would never reach out from a position of strength and give their attacker a chance to make things right peacefully, so they project that on him and assume he must be begging from a position of weakness. They won't ever get it. When he finally resorts to the extreme solution that he knew was in play all along, because they've given him no other choice, they still won't get it.
This trait is one of the reasons western civilization conquered the entire globe and sent men to the Moon.

* * *

Mother-in-law sent us a check for our anniversary that ended up paying for a whopping bag full of shrimp, big ones, a couple of pounds' worth. We feasted on them the other night, but there was a lot left over, so tonight I cut them into smaller pieces and sauteed them in garlic and butter for a few minutes while noodles boiled, and then served them with the noodles. Delicious!

And by doing so, I think I got the formula for this delicious scampi sauce they make at Carraba's. So I'll give that a try, simmering garlic in butter, then adding flour and making a roux, and then thinning a bit with white wine and simmering until it's smooth. Add some pepper and lemon juice, and presto--that stuff is so good sometimes I dip the bread in it and eat it by itself!

* * *

Anyway, it's shaping up to be an "interesting" and "historic" week, and I hope it's not going to get messy out there.
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