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#7468: Well, that's something i never thought I'd say: PENCE MUST GO

One of the curious things about invective it's almost always more effective not to use it, at least rhetorically. I came home with every intention of titling this post "#7468: FUCK PENCE", breaking my rule against using bad words in the post title. But when I get home the first thing I usually have to do is to take a dump (it's a conditioned reflex) and by the time I got everything else sorted, the title that I used had occurred to me, and I like it better.

It refers, of course, to the yard signs leftists put up in Indiana after Pence stood up in defense of traditional marriage. I liked Pence, and when Trump selected him as his running mate I was stoked, because I had this mental image of Mike Pence being someone who had a fucking spine.

Today, I learned otherwise, to my great disappointment. Pence is not a vertebrate. He's a RINO, just like all the other pusillanimous grifters that heat chairs in government offices across the land. By refusing to do the duty he swore to do when he took his oath of office, he revealed that he's not the man I thought he was, but a worthless pretender.


The news that Pence had cucked left me dejected, because now there was only one thing that could be done to prevent the end of American democracy.

...and then it happened.

Honestly, I'm really not sure if it did happen, exactly, or not, but what did happen was something that was nonetheless amazing indeed: a mass of patriots stormed the Capitol building and forced Congress to postpone their certification of the electoral vote.

Pence cucked and ran. When the patriots stormed the building, unarmed--because it was, after all, a MOSTLY PEACEFUL protest, ha ha!--Captain Useless and the entirety of the congresscritters were evacuated to a "secure location".

Trump then told his supporters to go home. At this time, DC is locked down under a 6 PM curfew, the National Guard has been deployed, and the assorted congressbutts are apparently at Fort McNair, all the better to "keep them safe and secure".

Meanwhile there's speculation that antifa infiltrated the rally dressed as Trump supporters, and "instigated" the run on the Capitol. I agree with commentor Lauri Stark: "You know, even if there was also antifa involved, so what? This is what needed to happen and antifa can score own goals if they want."

If indeed the crowd's entry to the Capitol was instigated by antifa--and I really doubt that it was!--it was a case of a blind squirrel finding a nut. The simple fact is, that building belongs to us, the citizens of the United States, and not to the people who work in it.

The capitol police killed a protestor. Imagine if someone had shot and killed a member who was trying to blind a cop with a laser, or a BLM protestor while he was throwing a molotov cocktail into an occupied building. The patriots who seized control of the Capitol building were unarmed.

There is, of course, a huge double-standard at work here, since the patriots are not fucking communists.

Which ever ventriloquist is operating Biden said this situation is "bordering on sedition", and CNN said that there was an "insurrection" taking place. I mean, they used that exact word on the chyron.

So Trump should invoke the insurrection act and do what needs doing.

The Democrats want to remove Trump from office now rather than wait until the 20th.

I think we need to remind everyone on the left that this was their opinion when armed leftists were burning down the inner cities.

Cold Fury can scarcely contain its glee.

Calling for Trump's immediate removal from office--I really like that. No one called for the mayor of Portland to be removed from office when antifa did their thing there. It was understood that however much the asshat sympathized with antifa, they weren't there by his orders. He was letting them do their thing by keeping the cops off their backs, but he wasn't the one who had put them there in the first place. And that's as it should be: you can't remove an elected official from office because some people on his side did bad things.

The patriots who seized the Capitol building are not Trump's subordinates. He didn't order them to do that. You can't impeach a President because some citizens went a little overboard in exercising their rights under the First Amendment.

Of course, we live in Clown World--Honk Honk!--and in true communist fashion the Democrats will do whatever the hell they feel like doing.

...but this call for impeachement and immediate removal from office reeks of fear. They are scared now...and they for damned sure ought to be scared. These are the people who gave eighty million people the finger in November, and said, "Fuck you, we're taking the presidency. What are you gonna do about it, losers?" And apparently they never really studied history, because people whose grasp on power was a lot more total than theirs suffered mightily when the proletariat got fed up with their bullshit. The people who rushed the Capitol weren't even armed; they were a few hundred out of more than a million protestors, and their takeover of the building was rapid and total. The politicians in DC have never seen a mob they couldn't control before, and having discovered that the people are not going to just sit there and take their depradations has them rattled.

The left will tighten the noose around our necks, given the chance, and shackle our hands and feet. I hope they do not get it.

* * *

In less apocalyptic news?

Water Tower Place loses Macy's. Big shopping mall, losing one of its big anchor stores. Not a good look for Chicago.

* * *

I wish I could say that I was surprised, but if I were to say so, I would be lying.
Father Michael Pfleger, the longtime pastor at St. Sabina Church and one of the most prominent priests in Chicago, has been removed from the Auburn Gresham parish following revelations of a decades-old sexual abuse allegation against a minor.
Pfleger is against private gun ownership, and it turns out that he's one of those kinds of priests. Fiver says that the "minor" was, in fact, a boy--because most of these cases are--but since we mustn't make gays look bad, the kid's sex is hidden "for the sake of the child" even though the kid is an adult by now. Of course, just saying "a boy" or "a girl" instead of "a minor" gives no identifying information, but the last thing the media wants is for people to think that Pfleger is even approximately gay.

* * *

Today's been a major-league mess on all fronts, and I think I'm going to go do some WoW.

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