atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7469: Senate just declared Biden the winner

So Penice gets up and lies his ass off about how Congress is there to do the will of the people, and deplores the patriots; and then Bitch McCowbell gets up and lies his ass off about how the Senate is there to do the will of the people and deplores the patriots; and Cuck Schemer gets up and lies his ass off about how the Senate is there to do the will of the people and says that it's all Trump's fault.

They cloak themselves in this noble mantle of how they're just public servants and oh, we have to do the will of the people, but in fact the will of the people has been pissed on continuously since early in the morning of November 4, 2020. These motherfuckers don't want to do the "will of the people". They're not going to investigate anything.

The guy from Oklahoma who was one of the useless shits who was actually doing something useful and challenging the results, he's just withdrawn that from consideration.

I expect hypocrisy from Democrats, but I saw a massive amount of it from Republicans tonight.

"We're doing the work of the people!" No, you're not. If you were, you would not be certifying the vote for Biden. You would be investigating and auditing the elections. If you gave a wet fart about the expressed will of the voting public, that's what you'd do.

I notice that when it was Joe Blow in downtown Portland or Minneapolis or Chicago or wherever, that antifa went after with molotov cocktails, and smashed his windows and looted his merchandise and burned down his building, the useless piles of shit in the Senate said nothing about it. But as soon as it's them who are threatened by a mob, then it's "a day of infamy" like Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

No surprise, then, that a lot of Democrats are invoking the 25th amendment. Get Trump out, then get Penice out before he can name a VP, and next thing you know Nancy Pelosi is President.

So that's it. Our government has banded together and declared that stealing an election is a perfectly valid way to seize power. The Republicans are in league with the Democrats. The One Party System is officially the way that politics works in the United States.

Remember how the Washington Post changed its motto after Trump's inauguration, to "Democracy dies in darkness"? Remember that?

Well, it doesn't. It dies in well-lit vote tallying rooms, in direct view of video surveillance cameras; it dies inside the guts of crooked voting machines; and it dies in the halls of the national legislature. It dies in full view of a disinterested press. It dies on social media. It dies everywhere there is a screen that can be viewed. It does not die hidden and alone in a dark place; it dies in broad daylight, with its murderers cloaking themselves in the mantle of patriotism even as they stab it over and over again.

A great many members of the Republican party have abrogated their oaths of office today, and in the past couple of months.

And the people will remember.

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