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#7470: An interesting bit.

Commentor at Vox Popoli says the following:
I'm a regular lurker here only because Vox and AC seem to be only ones who tell some semblance of the Truth.

I work in DC in that world and have to admit the seizure of the Capitol Building took me completely by surprise. Traffic into town was bad this morning, but it always is for these big events that shut down streets. I figured it would be the usual noise and everyone goes home at dark.

But seeing those now-iconic images of Trump patriots sitting at the actual freakin' Senate dias, a mere hour after the Senate began its debate on the Arizona electors, was mind-blowing. Unreal.

They closed my office at about 3pmET, and I was able to get home to VA in about an hour, only to find my Alexandria neighborhood under Northam's curfew.

Tonight the Deep State is broadcasting its narrative (especially Fox, which is what I am watching now), hoping that their lies to pin responsibility for this work on Trump. And incredibly, some GOP Fox guests are ready to invoke the 25th Amend. on him.

Newsflash for those in the legacy MSM: It ain't working. In fact, you're now about 17 more feet away from the ledge, over the abyss...waiting for gravity.

Trump is certainly pushing the Deep State to not only expose themselves, but man, is he forcing them to Bracken's Choice: "Freedom, or Tyranny?"!

So many long-term Cabal and Deep State assets got burned today and tonight. Public political careers were ruined today (McConnell and Pence are first in line for ignominy; there will be more). The narrative has been forced in an uncontrolled direction, and the Swamp knows it, too. And they are terrified--you can now just sense it in town. They know where this ends.

It is incredible to witness The Storm actually underway.

And it has only started, too.
Emphasis in the original.

...some of the comments preceding that one talk about how Penice ordered the National Guard out, not Trump, and this means that Trump is already out of power, blah blah blah, etcetera. I'm not sure I believe it. If it's true, though? Everyone on that cabinet just made himself fucking radioactive, as radioactive as Penice and McCowbell have. McCowbell might be able to keep winning elections to his current post, but unless the Democrats reward him by letting him run for President some year he's never going to hold a higher office than he does right now...and he for damn sure is never going any higher than minority leader of the Senate if this shit goes forward.

I am convinced, however, that all of this is psyop, meant to keep the left wing confused about what's going on. Give them some red meat to chew on ("Cabinet voting to remove Trump under 25th amendment!") and then Trump has some room to do what he needs to do.

According to what I've read in the comments at that post, though? There's a sequence of expected events which have been planned for. The first is Trump's social media accounts being suspended. The next step is a communications blackout, possibly as soon as tomorrow sometime.

Choking off Trump's social media accounts is so that the press can blast its narrative, that Trump caused the riot. Trump's messages are, "Go home, in peace! Don't riot! We don't need that. We love you, but GO HOME, peacefully"--more or less verbatim. Trump calling for peace goes against the narrative that the Democrat-media complex is trying to drive right now, that Trump caused this, and that he must be removed from office immediately.

Communications blackout--that causes a lot of trouble for business, but if that happens then I'm convinced that Trump is crossing the Rubicon and that all will be well.

And Ms. Lauri Stark is back with another good comment:
Things are coming to a point. If the deep state is confident in its victory, why are they trying to impeach Trump just two weeks before the end of his term? I smell desperation. They are afraid and try[ing] to act befoe Trump does.
That's also my interpretation; the way the left is talking, they seem scared to me. They're hiding it well, because it's not a visceral "OMG THAT MAN IS HOLDING A KNIFE TO MY THROAT" kind of fear, but they know that if Trump wins this, they'll end up in prison for a long time.

And then right below that comment is this one:
There would be nothing they could do more inflammatory than invoking the 25th on Trump.

Yes, that would be incredibly stupid. If they have the ability to do that, they have the ability to certify the fraud and sit tight for two weeks. The only reason to go 25th at this late date would be if they're terrified of something Trump can do as sitting president that he can't do as a 25th-removed president. That's a pretty short list, since the military commanders weren't taking his orders anyway.
Since the military commanders weren't obviously taking his orders anyway, I'd say...but this also dovetails with my thinking on all this. Removing Trump via the 25th just immanentizes the boogaloo, and it immanentizes it pretty damned fucking quickly. No one on the right would stand for their President being removed because some protestors got out of hand. The fact that the establishment is making those noises tells me that they've already pissed their pants over this.

* * *

The woman who was killed? "her name was Ashli Babbitt", says a comment. This dovetails with another comment which says that the patriots who stormed the Capitol were actually military operatives, in disguise, on a mission. Someone said they saw a picture of this woman sitting at a desk in the office building, at some functionary's computer, which had not been locked.

Can I go into "political thriller" mode for a minute?

...crowd storms the Capitol, some of them are military ops--this woman included--and she is there to grab info from specific computers. Only, the congresscritter's private "security" thugs catch her at it, and they shoot to kill to keep the info out of her hands.

I know, I'm a lunatic, and I should go make a tinfoil hat...but it has that feel. This woman was the only fatality in a situation where unarmed people are facing people with guns, and she just happens to turn out to be ex-military and in good physical condition.

* * *

Tomorrow is certain to be an interesting day. Having read all the extant comments in that post, as of about 10:30 PM, the next domino to fall looks like a communications blackout. If that happens, it's likely I won't be able to post here, so I will write posts and save them until I am able to post again.

May God watch over us all, and protect us from the evil which besets us. O Lord, be merciful on us, and on the patriots of this great nation, and help us to restore this nation to being the bastion of liberty, the shining city on a hill, a light for all mankind, as it surely once was. Let us triumph over the evil that even now works to enslave us all. Protect us, O Lord, and let Thine infinite mercy and wisdom shine upon us in our time of peril.


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