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#7472: I won't condemn them

There are a lot of people who are shaking their heads and saying, "Oh, no, rioting is wrong, no matter who's doing it. That's wrong. They shoudn't have done that." Once--before 2020--I might have agreed with them. If this kind of thing had happened in 2019 after Trump was impeached, say, I might have said, "No! No, this kind of mob action is not the way to do it!"

But now? No. I don't care any longer.

There is a reason that I referred to those people who stormed the Capitol yesterday as "patriots". I called them that because they were there to stop the wholesale usurpation of the Constitution of the United States by a bunch of gangsters.

There can be no other accurate description of yesterday's congressional session.

If I had not watched the news all summer long, with mounting anger, as communist thugs committed atrocity after atrocity in places like Portland and Seattle and other cities, with absolutely nothing done to stop them, then I might have said that storming the Capitol was too much.

If I had not watched as a presidential election was stolen, and all objections silenced, and all legal, constitutional remedies closed off one-by-one by a crew of career criminals, I might have agreed that a riot is a riot.

If I had not watched people who should have been on the President's side cave in and betray not just him, but everyone who voted Republican in November, I should not have called that crowd "patriots", but "thugs.

If the Supreme Court had heard the case put before it, if the Republicans in the legislature--ALL OF THEM--had stood up to protest the outright theft of the Presidential election, if so much as one thing had been done to stop the Democrats and their lies, cheating, and fraud--then I might have thought otherwise.

The simple fact is, however, that the Republican party did absolutely nothing that would even slow down the Democrat theft of this election.

Every elected official in those two houses of the legislature knows what the Democrats did. They know this election was stolen. They know what, and who, and how it was accomplished. They parrot the propaganda that "there's no evidence of fraud!" but they're not fools. They've heard the news, and they know. They know that the machines are crooked. They know that ballots were printed up wholesale. They know why the counting was stopped. They've seen the video of the fake ballots being pulled out of suitcases in the counting room. They know that, somehow, machines which could only have processed about 100,000 votes instead processed four times that many. They know that Republican poll watchers were ejected and prevented from observing the count. They know votes were switched from Trump to Biden. They know that Trump won the election with 410 electoral votes. They know everything we know.

They know, and they don't care one jot.

They don't care one jot.


The Republican senators know everything we know, and they just let the Democrats steal the election, because they don't give a wet fart about the will of the people, the law, the Constitution, or the validity of elections. Exactly as the Democrats do, they look down on us as a worthless, stupid, hopeless rabble of idiots who can't walk and chew gum at the same time, who need to be ruled because otherwise we'll just fuck everything up. So, for example, we're not smart enough to understand why Obamacare is a good thing for us. They needed our votes, so they talked a great game about repealing it, but they never intended to do anything to get rid of it, because we needed to let them handle our health care for us.

When Mitch McConnell got up and started his little speech last night, after the senate resumed its session, it was nothing but lies, lies, and more lies, leavened with a healthy dose of hypocrisy. It wasn't to make a point, to win a debate, to keep a secret, or even to protect someone's honor. It was lying done solely for the pleasure of it. He lied solely to stick his thumb in our eye, to show us his ass and say smugly, "What are you going to do about it?" That speech was Mitch McConnel stomping on our faces with his hobnail boots.

You know why the senate rejected all the objections? It's really a simple reason.

Heinlein said, via his self-insert character Lazarus Long: "Never frighten a little man. He'll kill you." I used to think that meant "short"--but if he'd meant "short", Heinlein would have said so. He was talking about dick size: "Never frighen a man with a small penis," was what it meant.

And when that crowd of patriots went into that building, they scared the ever loving SHIT out of a lot of men with tiny little dicks.

I mean, sure, you can go all allegorical and assume Heinlein meant "the opposite of great". A small man, in that sense, is a weakling and a coward. And it works that way, too. None of the politicians that work in that building are great men. None of them are even adequate men. We have not had a great man in office in this country for a very long time. Donald J. Trump is the first in decades who could even approach being called "great".

Just look at the political rallies he held, and tell me I'm wrong. Great men draw crowds like that. Small men do not.

What small men do, however, is to decide--after they are frightened by a mass of patriots demanding that they fucking do their jobs--that they will do the opposite of what the patriots want.

The senate republicans obviously made this childishly spiteful decision to confirm Joe Biden as president after that incident, because they were scared. And they further call for President Trump to be removed from office NOW NOW NOW because they are afraid of him, too, and have been all along.

Last night the republican party abandoned all pretense of being who they had claimed to be all along. Last night, the republican party joined the Democrat party. They are no longer Democrat Lite; they are Democrats. Regardless of what they call themselves.

Honestly and truly, I cannot see myself ever voting Republican again.

* * *

I may not ever have the chance, though. Did you see this?

It was dated January 5, before the Great Patriotic Capitol Rush. It's a bill which is meant to expel Republicans from the legislature.

Now, I know why the republican senators cucked so hard; they don't want to be thrown out of office once the Democrat regime is securely in power: "Hey, see? I'm on your side! I really am! Orangemanbad, am I right?"

The problem is, the left has a long memory when it comes to their opposition, and they have absolutely no qualms about getting rid of people even after they helped them gain power. (Lenin had Trotsky executed, for example.)

The republicans are foolish enough to think that, by helping the Democrat coup, they can gain immunity from being ousted...but they won't. They'll get tossed out on their ears.

"It was really nice of you to help us out, but we can't trust you. You did, after all, support Trump...and then you betrayed him. We can't trust someone who would betray the leader of their own party." And all the way to the gulag, the former republican politicians would be trying to pick their jaws up from the floor. "But we're all friends in the senate! We're colleagues! We agreed we'd work together! We agreed...we agreed...we agreed...."

The left has a term for people like the republican politicians: USEFUL IDIOTS.

I have a term for them, too: JUDAS GOATS. They're going to get thrown in the concentration camps with the rest of us--just not right away. I don't think they'll live very long, though, considering who they'll be sharing their cells with: the victims of their perfidy.

As funny as that would be to see, it's not worth the rest of us being enslaved.

* * *

And so here we are. January 6, 2021, is certainly a day which will live in infamy, as Cuck Schemer said...but not for his reasons. It's the end of the United States of America as a constitutional republic. Things cannot go on as they have; there will be no return to "status quo ante" if Trump loses this...or even if he wins.

The D.C. gangsters--I can think of no other, better word to describe them--will do everything in their power to give us the illusion that the United States of America is still a free country; but it will not be. It already is not--the last fair election was held in 2016. (And actually, that's being optimistic. It's the last election in which the will of the people mattered, though.)

The House of Representatives is in the hands of career criminals. The Senate is in the hands of career criminals. The Supreme Court is dominated by career criminals. Every last one of the members of our legislature has abandoned--violated--his oath of office. Mike Pence, the vice president, has also abandoned any pretense at supporting the man who elevated him to his position.

Mike Pence is the worst of them. He is a Judas, the worst example of a traitor that we know of in history. Even Brutus pales in comparison to Judas; but Mike Pence has secured his place in history among those reviled for their treachery, like Quisling, or Benedict Arnold.

The republicans have sown the wind. They will reap the whirlwind.

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