atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7473: Deepfake.

This is not President Trump speaking.

When I watch that video with the sound off, full-screened, it looks fake.

What I concentrated on was the way Trump's head moved in that video. There are places where it's at an angle, and then is suddenly straight. There are places in the video where the face is obviously added with CGI. The tie looks fake. The shirt looks fake. The face moves around on the front of the skull, just a little bit--his eyebrows don't change position with respect to his eyes, yet suddenly they're up or down from where it was a moment ago, relative to his hair.

And yes, in slow motion, his face looks like it's been plastered on with CGI. The resolution is horrible and it's not even 720p level quality video, which I'd expect to use myself if I had shitty CGI to cover up.

No, this is fake. It bothers me that it's been done, too, because I can only think of two reasons why they'd do this.

1) The gangsters are trying to get rid of him with more fakery--show him "conceding" and calling for "peace" and "unity" and, somehow, shut off the right wing from doing anything else by making them supremely disappointed with Trump.

2) Trump is dead. If that's true, the Democrats CANNOT say that. Holy shit on a cracker, if Trump had been killed and the news got out without being carefully framed, there would not be a lid big enough to keep this country from blowing SKY FUCKING HIGH. You want to talk about immanentizing the eschaton? If word got out that Trump was assassinated during all this, a good seventy million people would gun up and march on DC tonight.

Still--you always must wait 48 hours.

Heard rumors that Trump has boogied off to the National Military Command Center in Texas...and as it happens, a military plane left DC late last night, suspiciously late. So if Trump's not in his office, the gangsters push this video out in an attempt, as I said, to shut off the right wing by making them really disappointed in Trump, thinking he cucked like Pence--

I believe that more than I believe that video. It's just bad fakery.

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